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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bruce Springsteen.. um Tom Jones… David Hasselhoff??

After watching the superbowl half-time show, one of my friends commented that Bruce was starting to look like Tom Jones: “wondering if anyone else thought that Bruce Sprinsteen looked a leeeeeetle too much like a creepy Tom Jones lookalike?” So, I did a quick search for photos of both artists and realized not only was she right, but that there was a third: David Hasselhoff!


Comcast sorry to be blunt, but once again you’ve proved how much you suck

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to send email but was greeted with a failure notice. I had just done a bunch of updates to my site so I thought maybe I had blocked myself out of my server because I was hitting it a lot. That was not the case. I was able to do everything but send email.

To make a long story short I tested everything on my end and determined that it had to be Comcast. I tried their mail servers because with my experience working with 1&1 Internet I know that Comcast often likes to block ports and only allow you to send through their mail servers. That still didn’t work. So I had to waste my time calling Comcast to get it to work, even though I was already doing exactly what the tech told me to do.

The tech told me that there was suspicious active from my IP address: I.e. massive amounts of email going out from my network. But of course he could not tell me when this happened or to what extent. So, I’ve been tagged as a spammer even though they can’t tell me why. I know that I don’t have a virus because I’ve checked and rechecked all my machines. Oh and the tech informed me that it was for my own protection. Thanks for the clarification Comcast!

The Airborne Toxic Event – Sometime Around Midnight from The Airborne Toxic Event (self-titled), 2008

I keep hearing this on Sirius and finally caught the name. A bit depressing but it sucks you in.. Killer song. We’ve probably all been there too.

Where were you Tuesday, January 20, 2009?

New Years Resolutions

Everybody has them, but how many people follow them. Since I had a really good day today and actually started doing some of my resolutions. Actually they are just things I need to change or do better. It’s just convenient to do it at the beginning of the year. So I’m calling them resolutions. Here a few of them.

Be more proactive (professional and personal)
Be more aggressive with my business.
Stop dating the wrong women (This one is a good one, but seriously are there any sane single women out there. I seem to find all the not so sane ones.)
Start working out regularly, since at the moment I’m not playing as much soccer (I think everyone has this one, I actually started the P90X exercise program today!)
Be more financially responsible.
Eat better.

Some pretty standard ones I guess. Only the first week, but so far so good. 😉

A Brief Look at 2008

Well another year is coming to an end and, as I’m sure as most people are doing, I’m looking back back at the past year. Was it a successful year? Did I accomplish what I set to? You know the usual questions.

A lot has happened this year. On of the greatest things that happened was I became an Uncle in June! Aidan is a cute kid and I can’t wait to get him started with a soccer ball. lol

In the past year I have taken on leadership roles in many different places. Last spring I put together a team (FC Blackbird) for the Keystone State games and we won the bronze. From that I continued the team and we play indoor together. We keep ending up in second place, but hopefully in next weeks final we can change that. I’m helping organize Berks United. My outdoor team that’s won the championship the past 3 years in a row. I’m still organizing the German group in Lancaster: Netzwerk Central PA. We went through some changes this year, but we are still going strong and we have good group of regulars. All this and that’s counting running a business…

This fall marked the 1 year milestone for my business: Blackbird e-Solutions. By that I mean, the first year my only income was generated through my business. The company was founded in early 2005, but it was mostly a part-time gig until March of 2007. The last company I worked for was Google and I stopped working for them in September of 2007. The majority of startups don’t make it past the first year. I’ve said it before, but I know that I owe a lot of that to my good freind Scott.

The past 2 months November and December were the hardest months I’ve had for business this year. The combination of the economy slowing and the holidays have made things.. well interesting. But, I really believe that this coming year is going to be good in regards to business.

2008 certainly was not without challenges though. Those close to me that know what I’ve gone through, particularly in the last month know what I mean. I believe that one of me best characteristics is that I’m an eternal optimist. So as challenging as things get I still believe that great things will happen. It is just a matter of figuring out how to make them come true. Plus, what’s the old Nietzsche quote? “What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger”.

This year I’ve also met a lot of new people. Some of them have turned into good friends others have come and gone. I don’t really believe in destiny, but I do believe that people cross paths for reasons and it’s up to us to figure out what those reasons are. I think for the most part the people I’ve met this year have each taught me something. I know I have been bad at keeping in touch with a lot of people. Sorry. This year has absolutely flown by and I have been extremely busy…. I know that’s not an excuse, but I will try and do better.

I know I’ve only hit some of the highlights. A couple others: My youngest sister was married a good friend is now engaged.

Well, we have one more day of 2008, and I’m looking forward to 2009.

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and has a great New Years!

The Annual Holiday Elf Me!

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Bush The Shoe Dodger – Bush Dodges Shoes Thrown by Iraqi Journalist

This has really become a online viral sensation.

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