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The islands are calling and I could sure use the vacation: Philippines: Part II



How much vacation do you get???

Who gets the most (and least) vacation
When it comes to taking a holiday, it’s best to be Finnish, and (not quite) the worst to be American. A new study ranks countries by their paid time-off policies. has an interesting article ranking the best countries when it comes to vacation time. Including paid vacation and paid holidays Finland comes out on top with 30 and 14 days respectively. The USA is not quite at the bottom with 15 and 10. Although there is a foot note (only for the USA) that states: “These numbers reflect typical practice among large U.S. firms. There is no federal law requiring employers to give a minimum number of vacation days and holidays off, paid or unpaid.” In fact in this study the only countries that ranked lower than the USA were what we would call “developing countries”. Germany comes in with 24 paid vacation and 10 paid holidays. Although, from my own experience, I think that might be a bit low. Especially for Bavaria. Very interesting…

Viva la Mexico!

My Mexico trip is getting close. I’m getting pretty excited, since I’ve never been there before. We leave Saturday morning. If anyone needs to get a hold of me while I’m there I’ll be checking my email and my voicemail from my home phone. Not sure about the cell phone yet. Below is also a link for the resort where we are staying if there are any emergencies.

Royal Resorts

The group at our pre-Mexico party

Only 11 more days till Mexico!!