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Focus – The Key to Success

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Focus – The Key to Success

Being an entrepreneur can be very difficult. It means you control your destiny, but that also means you have to “control your destiny.”

That might sound a bit strange, but what I mean is as an entrepreneur you are the one that decides what you do each week, day, even hour. This means you could spend all day doing productive things that get you closer to your goals or, well… not.

In today’s world of instant gratification, it is very easy to lose focus. There are so many things out there that are constantly bombarding you and trying to pull your focus away from the important things.

Don’t let things like Instagram, LinkedIn or the next shiny new idea distract you!

Shiny object syndrome is a real thing. The spirit of an entrepreneur is always looking for the next challenge. And I don’t know about you, but I see opportunities all over the place. One of the hardest things is to stay focused on the current project and push away the ideas that continue to pop into your head.

Stay Strong, Stay focused!

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Here are a few tips to stay focused.

1. Set realistic goals

Set real measurable goals for what you want out of your business and life. It is very important that your goals align with your life goals.

2. Say no more often

This one is huge! It is too easy to keep saying yes to things that sound interesting. Often even opportunities that sound very interesting end up not matching your overall goals and will just be distractions.

3. Create accountability

Something that employees have that you don’t is accountability. They have a boss, or they may have a board. You need to create a support system that creates accountability. This could be a mentor, a friend, or a group like a mastermind.

4. Ignore the shiny objects

This one sounds obvious and easy. But we all know this is the worst one. Ignoring shiny objects can be sooo hard! The fact is that evaluating new opportunities can waste hours or even days of your precious time and take away from the work you should be doing that will really help you reach your goals.

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