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Finale oOo Finale OoO! Deutschland off to World Cup Finals

The Germans are off to the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil. They’ve reached the final more often than any other country.

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Happy Anniversary Germany – Germany Celebrates 21 Years Since Reunification

Today is a national holiday in Germany: Tag der Deutschen Einheit or German Unity Day. It is the celebration of the reunification of Germany after it was divided at the end of World War II. The division and the Berlin wall were both symbols of the cold war. As the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block crumbled so did the government in East Germany. The opening of boarders in Eastern Europe led to the Berlin wall coming down and the Reunification in 1990.

Today is the 21st anniversary of the reunification and Germany is celebrating:

Deutschland feiert 21 Jahre Wiedervereinigung Deutschland

Germany Celebrates 21st Reunification Anniversary

Even Google’s getting in on it.

google german reunification


O’Zapft is – Only One Week Left Oktoberfest 2011

There’s only one week left of the Oktoberfest. Did you make it to Munich this year? In case you missed the opening. Here’s the video of the mayor tapping the first keg.

English Abroad – Funny Use of English in Germany

This is definitely a candidate for

I always get a kick out of how other countries use English words. This is from a kids hat in Germany and is actually a brand name: PICKAPOOH is a small manufacturer from hamburg, germany that produces caps for babies and toddlers.

Do you think they meant “peek-a-boo?”

Pick a Pooh

Record Win for Portugal

Portugal stamped out any doubt that they can put the ball in the back of the net today with a 7-0 win over North Korea. This is the most decisive win of the 2010 World Cup and the 7th most decisive match in the history of the World Cup. There have been three 9-0 wins and three 8-0 wins including the 8-0 German win over Saudi Arabia in 2002.

There were no selfish players in the game either as Portugal’s 7 goals came from 6 different people. The scoring opened up in the second half when North Korea seemed to have lost all concentration. I feel a bit bad for the North Koreans to blown out like this after playing so well against Brazil. Hopefully they survive the return home…

The Transparent VW Facatory: Pretty Cool

Viva Viva FC Bayern

Viva Viva FC BayernClick here for more amazing videos

Could Volkswagen become the new “Peoples Automobile” of the US??

Amid the turmoil of the US auto industry, with bailouts and possible bankruptcies. Many fear the failure of the big three automakers: Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors.

With all this doom and gloom in the US automakers from other countries are seeing a chance to really get a foothold in the worlds largest market for cars. Volkswagen, the largest German car manufacturer is making a bold move to secure a position to take advantage of the golden opportunity to fill the void in the case that one of the big 3 fails. They plan to sell 800,000 automobiles annually in the US by 2018. The first step in this process building a new $1 billion production site in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A grounding breaking ceremony is planned for January. They intend to build 150,000 new mid-sized sedans annually, specifically designed for the US market. The new plant is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to the area. Although an independent study from the University of TN predicts it will create an additional 9,000 jobs from suppliers, dealers and other spin off business. Chattanooga was chosen a head of Detroit, Michigan and Huntsville Alabama.

Other foreign auto assembly plants in the southeast include: Honda in Lincoln, Ala.; the plant Kia Motors Corp. is building at West Point, Ga., and Nissan at Smyrna, all about 100 miles away. Tennessee is also corporate home to Nissan North America, which dedicates a new headquarters July 22 in the Nashville suburb of Franklin. Plus, BMW has a plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Mercedes Benz has a plant in Vance, Alabama. The southeast is really becoming the mecca of foreign automakers in the USA.

If the US auto industry fails, could VW take over?

Biermoesl Blosn – “Bayern”