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The Champions | Bayern Munich Style

Speak More Than One Language? Then You Can Relate To This

This is for all the bi-lingual and multi-lingual people out there. I’m sure you’ve had this problem. Haha!

forgot work in this language

Es is Wies’n Zeit: Feiern “Bayern-Style”

It’s Oktoberfest time: Party “Bayern-Style”


How German Sounds Compared to Other Languages

This is how German sounds compared to other languages. It can be music to the ears… oooor maybe not.

Finale oOo Finale OoO! Deutschland off to World Cup Finals

The Germans are off to the 2014 World Cup Finals in Brazil. They’ve reached the final more often than any other country.

German Engineers Create The Ultimate Game Day Commercial

Who says German engineers don’t have a sense of humor?

O’ Zapft is – Wies’n 2012

Only 30 days till the start of Weis’n 2012! – Oktoberfest in high German 😉

The Best Bike Lock Ever!

Do you live in a big city? Are you tired of your bike getting stolen? Need a new bike lock? Try this one!

Happy Anniversary Germany – Germany Celebrates 21 Years Since Reunification

Today is a national holiday in Germany: Tag der Deutschen Einheit or German Unity Day. It is the celebration of the reunification of Germany after it was divided at the end of World War II. The division and the Berlin wall were both symbols of the cold war. As the Soviet Union and the Eastern Block crumbled so did the government in East Germany. The opening of boarders in Eastern Europe led to the Berlin wall coming down and the Reunification in 1990.

Today is the 21st anniversary of the reunification and Germany is celebrating:

Deutschland feiert 21 Jahre Wiedervereinigung Deutschland

Germany Celebrates 21st Reunification Anniversary

Even Google’s getting in on it.

google german reunification


O’Zapft is – Only One Week Left Oktoberfest 2011

There’s only one week left of the Oktoberfest. Did you make it to Munich this year? In case you missed the opening. Here’s the video of the mayor tapping the first keg.