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O’ Zapft is – Wies’n 2012

Only 30 days till the start of Weis’n 2012! – Oktoberfest in high German 😉

O’Zapft is – Only One Week Left Oktoberfest 2011

There’s only one week left of the Oktoberfest. Did you make it to Munich this year? In case you missed the opening. Here’s the video of the mayor tapping the first keg.

O’zapft is (Angezapft ist) – It’s Tapped


Every year the Lord Mayor of Munich declares the Oktoberfest to be officially opened with “It’s tapped!”, as he hammers a tap into the very first keg of Oktoberfest beer.

O’zapft is (Angezapft ist)

Finale oOo Finale OoO! FC Bayern to go to Final!

FC Bayern defeats Olympique Lyon go to the Champions League final in Madrid 5/22/2010!

Viva Viva FC Bayern

Viva Viva FC BayernClick here for more amazing videos

Die Bayern WG Spezial – Liga Rueckblick – 18.05.2008 – TEIL 1

O’zapft is! 174th Wies’n is under way…

Today the 174th Oktoberfest, the world’s largest Folks Festival, started with the traditional tapping of the first key by Munich mayor Christian Ude. This year it took him 3 hits, his record is two. When the mayor proclaims O’zapft is! (It’s tapped!) the Oktoberfest has official begun. (Click on the link to watch this years opening. Real player will open.)

Where in the world is Bryan Coe

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Where you can you find me?

Friday: A group of us are heading to Liederkranz in Lancaster to the Oktoberfest. A far cry from the real deal in Munich, but it should be fun.

Saturday: It’s off to NYC for the Steuben Parade. It’s a celebration of Germans in the USA. Don’t know who Steuben is?

Sunday: It’s back to the Liederkranz with my German group Netzwerk Central PA

Then Sunday night I have an open mens indoor game at Lanco. Field House.

See if you can spot me! 😉

Augustiner Bier

I was trying to find a place I could buy some Augustiner Oktoberfest for this fall and I cam across a site called Apparently they don’t know much about German beer. They classify Augustiner, which is the oldest brewery in Munich city limits, as a Dortmunder Helles. Which is clearly wrong as first of all it is from Munich. Beer in Germany is very regional and the brewers from Munich and Dortmund would be very offended at such a classification. To make it even worse they call it a “light beer”! Like it’s some kind of Coors lite type! I think they need to do some more research. If you can read German here is a great entry from Wikipedia:

Export (Bier)

Steh auf wenn Bayer seid!

Great come back today! 2-2 at Milan, puts Bayern in the drivers seat for the second leg of the quarter finals in the Champion League on April 11… With the aggregate goal rule, away goals count for more than home goals. So, a tie 0-0 or 1-1 in the second leg will put Bayern through to the next round.