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Best Goal Photo Ever

This has to be one of the best photos of a goal I’ve seen.

mueller goal

Müller scoring for Germany in the World Cup

Amazing Goals

Check out some of these goals. The touch these guys have is just amazing!

Viva Viva FC Bayern

Viva Viva FC BayernClick here for more amazing videos

New Years Resolutions

Everybody has them, but how many people follow them. Since I had a really good day today and actually started doing some of my resolutions. Actually they are just things I need to change or do better. It’s just convenient to do it at the beginning of the year. So I’m calling them resolutions. Here a few of them.

Be more proactive (professional and personal)
Be more aggressive with my business.
Stop dating the wrong women (This one is a good one, but seriously are there any sane single women out there. I seem to find all the not so sane ones.)
Start working out regularly, since at the moment I’m not playing as much soccer (I think everyone has this one, I actually started the P90X exercise program today!)
Be more financially responsible.
Eat better.

Some pretty standard ones I guess. Only the first week, but so far so good. 😉

Goal of the Century

I was just doing some work for Google and came across this query. The Goal of the Cetury was chosen via a poll on the FIFA site. Number 1 goes to Diego Maradona (Argentina) 1986 FIFA World Cup vs. England 18,062 votes: 60-meter run from midfield beating Reid, Beardsley, Butcher, Fenwick then the keeper Shilton before tucking it away.

Check out the top ten list on Wikepedia: Goal of the Century