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Viva Viva FC Bayern

Viva Viva FC BayernClick here for more amazing videos

Steh auf wenn ihr Bayern seid!

One of the highlights of my trip has been that I had the chance to go to an FCBayern game in the new stadium! It was great! It definitely blows away the old olympic stadium. It is really steep so you are right over the field. We were on the upper deck so we had a great view. Unfortunately the game wasn’t that great since no one scored and they The were playing one of the worst teams! It ended 0-0. This means Bayern in now in 4th place and out of a position to get in to the champions league. So, the next day they fired the trainer. As you do, I guess.

After the games something a bit scary happened. I went with two Irish guys and a guy from Israel. So, we were all speaking English. On the way out we were in the crowd of people, and I smelled something burning. I turned to the one irish guy and said, “what the heck is burning.” He says, “it’s like it’s following us.” Then he looked at himself, ” It’s not me” Then the other Irish guy yells, “Bryan! It’s you!” I look down and there was smoke pouring out of my jacket pocket! Someone had dropped a cigarette or something in my pocket it is was burning my coat! Now, I have a hole in the bottom of the pocket. It was pretty scary. I guess it was just some idiot playing a trick, but it is odd they picked me the only one from the US. But anyway, nothing happened accept the hole in my pocket. Thank goodness!