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German Fourth Division Team Essen Tricks Other Team With a Crazy Free Kick

Maybe we’ll try this this week…

Pack Ma’s Bayern!

bayern vs dortmung

Pack Ma’s Bayern!

Bring home the title!

My Indoor Team: Champs Again!

My indoor team just won the championship this week for the second time in a row. Having a lot of fun playing with these guys.

fc blackbird back to back champs. FC Blackbird Back 2 Back Champs – Nov 8, 2012 & Jan 17, 2013


FC Bayern 3 Bayer Leverkusen 0 (Photos)

My team, FC Bayern netted another win yesterday 3-0 over Bayer. Maybe this will be the year for a triple?!? Here are some great pictures from the game.

Müller flies

Fly Müller, Fly!

rafinha - fc bayern

If you can't beat 'em, BITE 'EM!

US Soccer Goalie is Cool

Thought this would be a good lead into the USA vs. Mexico game.

Thierry Henry Sent off for so Called “Violent” Conduct

Seriously? This is ridiculous. Even after the love tap the two players shook hands and made up. I can see maybe a yellow card to both players, but a straight red for a little bit of chatter and a tap on the head? That’s a bit much. If that’s all it takes to get a red card in the MLS, these refs would never last in the Bundesliga or Premier League… Well, pretty much any of the European leagues.

Finale oOo Finale OoO! FC Bayern to go to Final!

FC Bayern defeats Olympique Lyon go to the Champions League final in Madrid 5/22/2010!

FC Bayern gegen Manchester United 2:1 1. Halbfinale Champions League

Viva Viva FC Bayern

Viva Viva FC BayernClick here for more amazing videos

Die Bayern WG Spezial – Liga Rueckblick – 18.05.2008 – TEIL 1