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The Lancaster, PA James Street Improvement Bike Squad and PA Bike Law

I often see the James Street Improvement District Bike Squad guys on their bikes riding on the sidewalk throughout Lancaster. It’s happened more than once that I have almost hit one of them while driving because they crossed over an intersecting road from a side walk; Often against the flow of traffic. I’ve also almost been hit by them while walking down the sidewalk. I know this has happened to other people as well.

When I’ve questioned some of the riders about why they are the sidewalk they have told me things like, “To better serve people.” When I told them it is against bicycle law to ride on the sidewalk, “No, we’re going slow enough that it’s ok.”

Today I saw another one riding down the sidewalk outside my office and pedestrians had to get out of the way so he could pass. So, instead of just grumbling about it I decided to look up “bike law in PA.”

Guess what they’re wrong. Really what they are doing is setting a poor example, when they should be following proper bike safety and laws. The info below is from a site put out by the PA Department of Transportation. It’s pretty straight forward.

Pennsylvania Bicycling Laws


In Pennsylvania, a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and you must obey all of the laws that apply to other vehicles. There is also a set of rules that apply specifically to bicycles. If you ride in violation of the traffic laws, you greatly increase your risk of a crash, and will likely be found at fault in the event of an accident.


  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks and bicycle paths. You must give an audible signal as you approach and pass a pedestrian.
  • You are not permitted to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in a business district (except where permitted by official traffic control devices), or where there is a bicycle-only lane available.

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If You’re a Cyclist You Need to Watch This Video: James Cracknell – Use your head. Use your helmet

I came across this video today, and my first reaction was, “Wow.”

It’s a PSA with James Craknell, a British Olympic medalist in rowing. He is also a cyclist. Last year he suffered a head injury when a truck’s mirror struck his head at 70 mph.

The video starts with James saying: “I used to be James Cracknell,” he says. “I’m not anymore.” It is also a bit graphic with cracking sounds as he talks about his accident and X-ray view of his head, but it really drives home the point: “Use Your Head. Use a Helmet.”

Bicycle Dreams – Think Your Sport is Tough

Think you sport is tough. Try this. Ride a bike from one side of the USA to the other.

Bike Across America

“There’s no way these people are normal.”

For all you cyclists out there…

Team Discovery tops the Tour de France

I know this post is a bit late and anyone who is interested probably knows, but the Tour de France is over and after everything was shaken out, Team Discovery came out on top.
The managed to get to guys on the podium. Levi Leipheimer took third place and the Spanish rider, Alberto Contador took first. Lot’s of people are heralding him as the next Lance Armstrong.
His story is also one of overcoming life threatening situations. He had a brain hemorrhage in his brain while riding and crashed. He now has a metal plate in his head.

Another exciting outcome of this years tour is that for the first time an Australian has made it to the podium. Cadel Evans took second. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!!! 😉

Astana Withdraws, Vino Suspended

It’s a sad day for the sport of cycling. After all the respect that was given to him for his courage for continuing while being injured. Vino has tested positive for intoducing “homologous blood” into his system. Below is an article from Also a link to an article from BBC:

Vinokourov fails Tour doping test

Astana Withdraws, Vino Suspended

By Phil Liggett
July 24, 2007

Alexandre Vinokourov’s positive blood test announced Tuesday has stunned everyone from riders to organizers. Since his crash, he has been portrayed as a limping hero of what, so far, has been a marvellous Tour. Now, he seems to have been caught introducing homologous blood into his system just before the time trial he won in demonstrative fashion.

His Astana team has withdrawn at the invitation of the organizers and Vinokourov was suspended by Astana pending the confirmation of his positive test in his B analysis. It is very unusual for the second test not to confirm the first. In short, Vinokourov, one of the most respected riders in the peloton, will now leave the sport in disgrace.

British rider David Millar, himself a reformed drug taker, has been leading the campaign to clean up the sport. His comment during his own Saunier Duval team’s press conference in Pau, sums up the feelings of most: “I just feel like crying right now.”

Paul, Bob and I are, for once, speechless. We are all very upset with such a stupid action at a time the sport looked to be putting its own house in order. It is incomprehensible that Vinokourov could do such a thing when he must have known he was under suspicion because of his dealing with disgraced doctor Michele Ferrari in Italy. He must have known he would be tested at every opportunity and the time trial was the perfect occasion.

Tomorrow we will know more.

This guy never gives up!

Vino continues to amaze everyone and comes back to win stage 15, gaining back more than 5 minutes on the tour leader. This doesn’t put him back in the running to win the tour, but shows just how much heart this guy has.

The story on

How hard is the Tour de France?

They say it is one of the hardest athletic events out there. Three weeks of torturing your body everyday, just to get up and do it again the next day. Just imagine if you were injured. Unfortunately that’s just what has happened to the favorite, Alexandre Vinokourov. He crashed in the first week and struggled through the alps. Then yesterday he came back with an amazing time trial and jumped up 14 places. Everyone thought he was back. Today, he looked like he was still in a lot of pain and lost 29 minutes to the leader of the tour. Will he continue??

Check out this article from NYTimes about the tour.

Just a Bike Race, You Say? Think Again

The Tour Rolls On..

It’s that time of year again, the Tour de France is in full swing! The end of today’s racing will complete the first week. It’s been a rough first week too. My picks are in a bit of trouble after crashes yesterday. Andreas Kloeden and Alexandre Vinokourov are looking pretty rough today.

The Team Discovery Channel (previously USPostal) boys are looking ok still although they did lose one of their riders, Tomas Vaitkus, to a crash in stage 3. Yesterday big George Hincapie took…strangely is reporting 5th and is reporting 6th. Their GC man, Levi Leipheimer has been off the radar so far, but is expected to emerge in the mountains. The first real day in the mountains is tomorrow.

Team CSC still have their man the Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara in yellow after he had a phenomenal time trial in the prologue.