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The New Kid on the Block: Chestnut Hill Cafe

So, I’m sitting in the new Cafe on Chestnut St called Chestnut Hill Cafe for the second time, and I’m quite impressed. It’s situated on the corner of N. Pine and West Chestnut St. Since I work for myself and I can do my work anywhere. (one of the main reasons I started my company, btw.) I had a meeting this morning so I thought I would stop here for lunch and do some work.

The food is quite good although the menu is still quite limited. So far I have had their roast reef and mozzarella paninis both with mixed greens on the side. You have a choice of the greens or chips. Trying to eat healthy I went with the salad. The paninis were quite good. Not quite as good as my favorite ones at the Greek place in Munich, but definitely good. The mozzarella definitely reminded me of the Greek’s. The cafe itself is quaint with a variety of seating; Small area with cushy leather chairs in front of a fireplace, typical cafe two tops, a couple of small tables for if you just want to stand while you have your coffee and there is also some bar type seating in the front. There is also outside seating with umbrellas.

They use a lot of organic and fair trade ingredients including their coffee, which by the way definitely competes with any other coffee in the city. Both the food and drink menu are a bit limited since they just opened, but they say they will be adding more items quite soon.

For me it’s a great way to break up my day and a good alternative to other locations in the Lancaster, and a welcome change from the big chains. Plus they have free wireless, a must for nomadic business people like me and the best thing… in the maybe 6-8 hours that I’ve been here doing work, the wireless has never dropped out.