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Thierry Henry Sent off for so Called “Violent” Conduct

Seriously? This is ridiculous. Even after the love tap the two players shook hands and made up. I can see maybe a yellow card to both players, but a straight red for a little bit of chatter and a tap on the head? That’s a bit much. If that’s all it takes to get a red card in the MLS, these refs would never last in the Bundesliga or Premier League… Well, pretty much any of the European leagues.

This girl maybe needs to think about a sport change… MMA maybe?

World Class Soccer Comes to Lancaster: July 16th at 7pm.

As many of you already know I also coach a youth (under 10) soccer team for the Manheim Township Soccer Club. So, I wanted to share this with everyone. The club has organized a fund raiser with Clipper stadium and the professional soccer match that they are hosting.

This Thursday July 16th Harrisburg City Islanders will be playing Crystal Palace from London, England. This is a great chance to get out and see some top level soccer, right here in Lancaster. For only $12! I hope there is a great turn-out to this game, because that will show that we are serious about soccer in Lancaster and will hopefully give us the chance to get more top matches. Come out and watch what should be a great game and support soccer in Lancaster! As an extra bonus Clpper Magazine Stadium will donate $3 from each ticket to the Manheim Township Soccer Club (see details in the image above). It’s a great way to support youth programs in the area.

Hope to see everyone there!

Berks United Bounces Back with a Win Against Wick


Saturday, September 20, 2008. Leola PA: After a poor start to the Fall 08 season and loss to Germania, Berks United bounced back on Saturday with a decisive win against Wick Futball. Berks took control of the game from the first kickoff. They broke the ice by scoring inside of 10 minutes from the start, then scored 3 more quick goals. After the first half the score was 5-0. In the second half the pace slowed and Berks was caught off guard and allowed Wick to put 2 in the net. Berks managed to score only one goal in the second half, but still had a comfortable 4 goal lead at the final whistle.

Next week Berks will play there rivals Manheim Township at home. Kickoff is at 4:00

Full Schedule

The Week in Soccer

Opening week of.. for well… all the leagues I play in, it was a week of mixed results. The coed team which continues to be a struggle finding and keeping good players. (Another went down to injury.) Well we lost. I don’t remember what the score was though. Thursday turned out to be much better. The b division team, the Blue Team played probably the best game we’ve ever played and won big 8-4. Then FC Blackbird had a great debut showing by winning more than 10 goals to 4.

Saturday turned out to be the worst of all with Berks United. We won the league the last two years and and this weekend we lost to the worse team in the league. Plus, to ad insult to injury we lost one of our best players to another team because of guy on our team, who by the way has chased others away before. Then that guy quit too. So, I thought problem solved, but it was already too late. Oh, why is there always politics?…

The Summer is Winding Down…

Even though I haven’t written anything for a while (been posting videos) there is really a lot going on… good and bad.

One of the bad things is having to chase a client for payment. They say that is one of the hardest things for small businesses, and you know it is really a pain. Such a waste of time. I mean if you provide a service, you should be paid promptly, or? Anyway, I’m sure it will work out in the end.

This past week has been pretty exciting though. I just signed a new client and I started with evaluating the current status of their web presence. Plus, I am in the process of working out a deal with a potential partner that could bring a good deal of business. [careful don’t want to give anything away ;)]

I have had a bit of a break from soccer. The summer leagues have ended or are winding down (the Lititz league ends this Sunday), so I decided to take a little rest and let the body recover so I’m 100% for the start of the fall season. I’ll be playing outdoor with Berks United again this fall. Coed indoor with my usual team, mens indoor with The Blue Team in the b league and I’m putting a team in the premier league again: FC Blackbird. We have made a few changes and I think we should be able to get the covetted tshirt this time!

I was supposed to head down to the shore this week to visit my dad, but with all the meetings and the new work I decided that this week wasn’t a good time. Plus, I’m going camping with Netzwerk Central PA and Netzwerk Phila. I’m also heading to the shore next week for Labor Day. So, I will definetely get some well needed R&R.

I hope everyone is doing well. The summer is winding down. If you are trying to get a hold of me this weekend I might be in a cell phone void. I’ll try and check my messages a couple of times a day.

A Weekend of Soccer

This past weekend was a crazy weekend for soccer. I put a team in the Keystone games. FC Blackbird. With a number of injuries and guys bailing at the last minute I had to scramble to get enough guys it ended up being a group of guys from my indoor team (FC Blackbird) and my outdoor team Berks United. The first game was against the team that one Keystones last year. We were still trying to get used to each other and ended up losing pretty badly. We then won our next two games. On Sunday we had to play in basically a quarter final and we lost 2-1 to a team we beat 3-1 the day before. Oh well, it ended up being a short day. I then played in the Lititz league at 6 (we won 6-2). I was pretty exhausted and my legs felt pretty rough by the end of the game.

Then Monday I had a playoff game in the LCBC league. A bunch of the guys are injured and we were missing a couple of couple players too. JK wasn’t there, so I played sweeper. My step-dad was the ref, and in the first half he blew a call saying one of there players was onsides when he really wasn’t. He scored. We ended up losing 2-1…

Berks United: Spring Soccer

Spring soccer starts this weekend! Our first game is at 4 in E-Town check out the schedule here:

Berks United

Berks United vs. Manheim Township

Check out the pics from our game this past fall:


WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS OF THE W… well at least of the tri-county Berks/Lanc./York over 30s soccer league! 😉

We (Berks United) the defending champions from ’06 had an explosive win yesterday, defeating Evergreen 8-2. The first 10 minutes Evergreen was really pounding us and managed to score the first goal. Which just proved to make us angry and solidify the team. We then went on to score 7 unanswered goals. I even had an assist, although kind of unintentional. I was playing my usual position at sweeper. (Last defender before the goalie, for those that might not know.) Things were getting a bit sloppy and Evergreen crossed the ball into the middle, so I stepped up and cleared the ball so we could reset and get reorganized. Evergreen was pushed up so far that the ball drifted over their last defender and one of our players out ran him to the ball and slotted it passed the keeper for a goal. Wasn’t really what I planned, but hey.. a goal is a goal. And in this case an assist is an assist. 😉

After the game both teams went the Evergreen German Club to celebrate and/or wash the memory of the game away. That’s one of the great things; being able to go out and play a hard game and then share a pitcher of beer afterwards.