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Media Responsibility in a Time of Crisis


This is a very interesting post. The media loves to use buzz words and hype everything. Their take on the current financial crisis is nothing new. It does however get very tiresome having to sort through the hype for the real story. It is good to see a publication like the Washington Post address this.

“But as the Washington Post reported on Saturday, the sensational headlines were widespread last week. The word crisis was mentioned in headlines 92 times. Fear was used 21 times, and meltdown 15 times. The Post went so far as to question what doomsday words like Bubble and Crash actually mean.”

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Forget Gas Prices–There’s a Bigger Problem… Beer Prices!

Beer prices barrel higher

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Americans hosting Fourth of July barbecues will pay more cold cash for the cold ones this year as beer joins the list of foods and beverages whose prices are jumping, in part because of the booming ethanol market.

Retail prices for beer at supermarkets and other stores were up 3% in May from a year earlier, the biggest increase in 2½ years, according to the latest data from the Labor Department. That’s higher than the inflation rate for the overall economy, and a bigger gain than in prices of liquor and wine bought to be consumed at home.

Those going out will also pay more for beer. Prices for beer poured away from home were up 3.8% in May from a year earlier.

The gains are in part a result of rising costs for malting barley, one of the main ingredients in beer. But a variety of other costs are increasing for brewers, including for other grains, glass, cardboard, energy, transportation, insurance and labor… more at USAToday

New Toy…

Woohoo! I have a new toy! I received it from UPS today. Two small boxes of joy….

It’s software, I just installed it on my computer…

It’s the latest version of Quickbooks! For my company.

I know… I’m such a geek. 😉