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THE TEA PARTY & THE CIRCUS – Final Healthcare Reform Protest

If you are going to protest something shouldn’t you know what it is you are protesting??

Protesting is Cool, But….

I just realized there is another Tea Party protest planned for the 4th of July. Seriously? I mean, even if I don’t necessarily agree or disagree, I understand why people are protesting, and it is your constitutional right to be allowed to protest. However, how many of you really know where the name “Tea Party” protest comes from.

The fundamental reason that the original Boston Tea Party happened has nothing to do with why people are protesting today. For the history of the tea party check out this site: Boston Tea Party History Now, I do agree that the proverbial “straw that broke the camels back”, was when the British government authorized East India Co. to sell tea to the colonies without the usual tariffs and such. But, the basis of the protest was, “no taxation without representation”. What that means is that the British government was taxing the colonies, but the colonies had no voice in the British government and had no part in the decisions made to govern the colonies.

Fast forward to 2009. Do the people of the USA have representation in the government that governs them? YES! If you answer no, then I recommend that you find your local community college and enroll in a course on US Government. Every citizen in the US has many ways to get their voice heard. Starting with your local government. Here’s a list of some of the ways you are represented:

City/Local Government
State Representatives
State Senators
US Representatives
US Senators

If you feel that you are not represented. Then pick up the phone, send an email or even a letter to someone on the above list.

Like I said in the beginning of this post. I’m all for protests, without them the USA would not be what it is today, but please take the tea bags off your heads. You look ridiculous! Plus, it ruins any credibility that your protest might have.

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