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the blackberry helmet

Do they have one for Pocket PCs?

iPhone — Industry Breakthrough or Just Another Expensive Gadget?

Do you have your iPhone yet? Is it living up to Steve Jobs’ promises? It seems to be getting some pretty good reviews. So, far the biggest concern that I’ve heard is the speed of the internet connection, but that isn’t really the phone but the network from At&T that it is using. I’ve also had a couple of other reports that the phone seems to freeze up a lot.

Check out what the folks at The Associated Press has to say.

Review: Slick iPhone Suffers on Slow Network
Q&A: Is the iPhone Living Up to the Hype?

Medieval Tech Support

This is great! It seems not has changed much with tech support through the ages.

e-Life: Blackbird e-Solutions and the Tech. Industry

I’ve decided to start a blog for my company Blackbird e-Solutions called e-Life. I plan to use the blog to discuss issues that are relevant to the company. This will include topics that are of importance in the tech industry, as well as discussions about our products and services. Pretty much all things “e”. What does the “e” stand for. Electronic, this could also be an “i” for information, but I don’t want to get confused with Apple. 😉

I’m setting out with a goal to post at least once a week. I hope everyone will check it out. Feel free to post any questions you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them.

This is the first day of the rest of your life…

Many of you already know that I’m no longer with CSB-System. My last day was last Thursday.

Thursday night I had an indoor game where I scored a goal and had a few assists. One of the comments was that I was much more relaxed and played better than I have in a while. Go figure..

So, what am I doing now. Well, I’m still working part-time for Google. I’m going to start doing some translation and now I’ll have time to build my business. Blackbird e-Solutions I’m going to revamp the business to focus on Localization for websites and other materials, and Technical Consulting for German companies that want to establish a presence in the USA. So, it’s really an excite time.

Will this finally rid us of all the bad drivers?!?

Probably not, well atleast not for a while….

This article sounds like something out I Robot but it is real.

Urban road race to test limits of robotic cars