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Dude You’re a Barista

I love this commercial, makes me laugh everytime. I like how the iPhone users are behind a barricade. Great symbolism.

Welcome Home – This is the Welcome Home I Want Next Time I Travel

Great video, I want this the next time I come home from traveling!

Microsoft’s New Phone Commercial “Really”

I’m not sure how Microsoft’s new phone is going to “get you in, and get you, and back to life,” but the commercial is pretty cool. I know we have all seen or,  well… done some of the stupid things in the ad. Check it out.

Cell Phones for Seniors

I found the perfect phone for those of you that have trouble seeing those tiny buttons on regular cell phones.

How much do you love your PDA/Smart Phone/iPhone?

Can you relate to any of these?? I’m afraid to admit that I can. 🙁

In a September 2009 survey by Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, professionals spill their PDA/cellphone habits. I thot the results are pretty interesting!

87% Bring their PDA to bed.
85% Sneak a peek at it in the middle of the night.
84% Check their PDA just before bed and upon waking up.
80% check email before their morning coffee.
35% Say if forced to choose, their PDA wins over their spouse (!)
85% Say PDA and cellphone enable them to spend more time out of the office.
84% Say technology give them more quality time and flexibility with family.
79% Feel they can be just as productive out of the office as in it.
77% Enjoy life more with their PDA.
62% Love their PDA.

This survey source: Sept. 2008 Sheraton-sponsored Phone Study by StudyLogic LLC.

Survey shows risky use of mobile e-mail devices.

I’m sure none of us have every texted or emailed while driving.. right???

“Despite such risks, many Americans send and receive text messages on mobile e-mail devices in dangerous situations, according to a survey released on Tuesday that showed 77 percent have used such a device while driving a moving car.”

Check out the full article.

Survey shows risky use of mobile e-mail devices (Reuters) by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech

Strange phone calls..

I received a call from that number 401-889-9876 (Rhode Island) tonight and it was a Spanish recording. I Googled the number and came up with some info. Aparently I’m not the only one getting this call. My question is how did they get my cell number. This is what the message says apparently:

”Because of your excellent credit you’ve won a prize! Press 1 to claim your prize”

This is where I found the info.



iPhone — Industry Breakthrough or Just Another Expensive Gadget?

Do you have your iPhone yet? Is it living up to Steve Jobs’ promises? It seems to be getting some pretty good reviews. So, far the biggest concern that I’ve heard is the speed of the internet connection, but that isn’t really the phone but the network from At&T that it is using. I’ve also had a couple of other reports that the phone seems to freeze up a lot.

Check out what the folks at The Associated Press has to say.

Review: Slick iPhone Suffers on Slow Network
Q&A: Is the iPhone Living Up to the Hype?