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Comcast sorry to be blunt, but once again you’ve proved how much you suck

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to send email but was greeted with a failure notice. I had just done a bunch of updates to my site so I thought maybe I had blocked myself out of my server because I was hitting it a lot. That was not the case. I was able to do everything but send email.

To make a long story short I tested everything on my end and determined that it had to be Comcast. I tried their mail servers because with my experience working with 1&1 Internet I know that Comcast often likes to block ports and only allow you to send through their mail servers. That still didn’t work. So I had to waste my time calling Comcast to get it to work, even though I was already doing exactly what the tech told me to do.

The tech told me that there was suspicious active from my IP address: I.e. massive amounts of email going out from my network. But of course he could not tell me when this happened or to what extent. So, I’ve been tagged as a spammer even though they can’t tell me why. I know that I don’t have a virus because I’ve checked and rechecked all my machines. Oh and the tech informed me that it was for my own protection. Thanks for the clarification Comcast!

How much do you love your PDA/Smart Phone/iPhone?

Can you relate to any of these?? I’m afraid to admit that I can. 🙁

In a September 2009 survey by Sheraton Hotels and Resorts, professionals spill their PDA/cellphone habits. I thot the results are pretty interesting!

87% Bring their PDA to bed.
85% Sneak a peek at it in the middle of the night.
84% Check their PDA just before bed and upon waking up.
80% check email before their morning coffee.
35% Say if forced to choose, their PDA wins over their spouse (!)
85% Say PDA and cellphone enable them to spend more time out of the office.
84% Say technology give them more quality time and flexibility with family.
79% Feel they can be just as productive out of the office as in it.
77% Enjoy life more with their PDA.
62% Love their PDA.

This survey source: Sept. 2008 Sheraton-sponsored Phone Study by StudyLogic LLC.

Survey shows risky use of mobile e-mail devices.

I’m sure none of us have every texted or emailed while driving.. right???

“Despite such risks, many Americans send and receive text messages on mobile e-mail devices in dangerous situations, according to a survey released on Tuesday that showed 77 percent have used such a device while driving a moving car.”

Check out the full article.

Survey shows risky use of mobile e-mail devices (Reuters) by Reuters: Yahoo! Tech

Yahoo Mail

My mail came back online late last night. So, I’m able to check my mail again.

I’m pretty impressed with Yahoo though . It appears they have people monitoring the internet and blogs for cases like mine. A guy named Ryan commented on my last post that they were having a few server issues and that I should let him know if I was still having a problem. (see comments from previous post.) He didn’t explicitely say he was from Yahoo, but it sure sounds like it. If you ask me, that’s impressive service….

Thanks, Yahoo and Ryan!

Email Soapbox..

Ever wonder about all those forwards that people send saying you will get money or good luck, blah, blah, blah…

Here’s your answer:

Email Soapbox