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Social Media Engagement is Not a Strategy

I came across this presentation today. I’ve seen Mark Schaefer speak before, he’s pretty good, but I have to admit when I first read the title I thought it was just more link bait.  After reading the power point I have to agree though, Social Media engagement is not in itself a strategy.

I’ve seen some local cases where people have had tons of followers and engagement, but still couldn’t afford the $15 for a co-working space membership. How does that happen?

The main thing you can learn from this presentation is social media engagement is only useful when it is tied to measurable business objectives. For example:

  • Lead Generation
  • Customer Acquisition
  • Customer Service
  • Product Sales
  • Product Development
  • You get the picture, right?

Have a look at the presentation and let me know what you think in the comments.

Is Customer Service a Dead Art?

I’ve been working on a project for a client where I’m correcting someone else’s errors and omissions. Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the work, but I’m amazed at the poor service that the other company has given my client.

The other company (we’ll call them MasterPortal) has a software package that can be integrated into websites. So, essentially a web portal running on their software for the back end. To create the web portal, MasterPortal slapped some aspx code together, crudely mashed it up with my clients current site and said their part was done. My client in turn asked me to make it look good and make it functional. By “functional”, I mean so it can be used the way I imagine MasterPortal said it could be.

Since, I’ve been working with it I found many problems including misspellings, code errors, css errors and generally sloppy design.

The point I’m trying to make here is; I just can’t imagine ever doing something like that. If I’m selling a product to someone I want it to look,feel, and act the way I promised. Sometimes I’m just amazed at how lazy people and companies can be. Plus, what further amazes me is how companies like MasterPortal stay in business.

Oh well, back to serving my client with the best service I can.

Kudos to Autohaus Lancaster for their good service today.

So, went to Autohaus for a new tire lock ($32), since it seems I lost mine when I changed my tire on the turnpike. Ugh. I asked if I could get someone to listen to the steering since it was making noise. I thought it was maybe low on fluid, but apparently the new VWs don’t have fluid it is electric power steering and there is a motor that helps it. The steering was fine..of course. Maybe the oil change took care of it, I don’t know. While in the car though, the tech said “I can fix that rattle and it’s covered under your warranty. It’s the fuel line that is rattling.” Ok great! While they were fixing that they found a recall. They fixed that too and washed the car. No costs to me. Nice!

Except for the tire key of course.

Yahoo Mail

My mail came back online late last night. So, I’m able to check my mail again.

I’m pretty impressed with Yahoo though . It appears they have people monitoring the internet and blogs for cases like mine. A guy named Ryan commented on my last post that they were having a few server issues and that I should let him know if I was still having a problem. (see comments from previous post.) He didn’t explicitely say he was from Yahoo, but it sure sounds like it. If you ask me, that’s impressive service….

Thanks, Yahoo and Ryan!