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This is How Self-Driving Cars Would Work

Yikes! Imagine all the laundromat bills! If we all had self-driving cars…

Kudos to Autohaus Lancaster for their good service today.

So, went to Autohaus for a new tire lock ($32), since it seems I lost mine when I changed my tire on the turnpike. Ugh. I asked if I could get someone to listen to the steering since it was making noise. I thought it was maybe low on fluid, but apparently the new VWs don’t have fluid it is electric power steering and there is a motor that helps it. The steering was fine..of course. Maybe the oil change took care of it, I don’t know. While in the car though, the tech said “I can fix that rattle and it’s covered under your warranty. It’s the fuel line that is rattling.” Ok great! While they were fixing that they found a recall. They fixed that too and washed the car. No costs to me. Nice!

Except for the tire key of course.

The Transparent VW Facatory: Pretty Cool

Could Volkswagen become the new “Peoples Automobile” of the US??

Amid the turmoil of the US auto industry, with bailouts and possible bankruptcies. Many fear the failure of the big three automakers: Ford, Chrysler, and General Motors.

With all this doom and gloom in the US automakers from other countries are seeing a chance to really get a foothold in the worlds largest market for cars. Volkswagen, the largest German car manufacturer is making a bold move to secure a position to take advantage of the golden opportunity to fill the void in the case that one of the big 3 fails. They plan to sell 800,000 automobiles annually in the US by 2018. The first step in this process building a new $1 billion production site in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A grounding breaking ceremony is planned for January. They intend to build 150,000 new mid-sized sedans annually, specifically designed for the US market. The new plant is expected to bring 2,000 jobs to the area. Although an independent study from the University of TN predicts it will create an additional 9,000 jobs from suppliers, dealers and other spin off business. Chattanooga was chosen a head of Detroit, Michigan and Huntsville Alabama.

Other foreign auto assembly plants in the southeast include: Honda in Lincoln, Ala.; the plant Kia Motors Corp. is building at West Point, Ga., and Nissan at Smyrna, all about 100 miles away. Tennessee is also corporate home to Nissan North America, which dedicates a new headquarters July 22 in the Nashville suburb of Franklin. Plus, BMW has a plant in Spartanburg, South Carolina and Mercedes Benz has a plant in Vance, Alabama. The southeast is really becoming the mecca of foreign automakers in the USA.

If the US auto industry fails, could VW take over?

Gas Prices..

Wow, gas prices are out of control again..
I have a VW GTI which gets pretty good gas mileage and has a gas tank that’s about 15 gallons. I also usually buy the high grade gas because it is recommended for turbos, which mine is.

Last night I filled up and broke the $50 mark! It cost me $52!!

Man that hurts…

The Trunk Monkey

Stick shift… what’s it good for??

Well, this is another good reason to learn how to drive a manual transmission car. Apparently a couple of teenagers in Atlanta, mugged a guy for his wallet and keys, then tried to drive off with his car. The incident happened right out front of the store where the victim works, and the teens had so much trouble with the car that he was able to run inside tell his coworkers what happened and call the police and when he came back out someone was still in the car trying to get it moving. They eventually gave up and ran away on foot. They were later arrested.

Stick shift gets the best of would-be robbers

Maybe my insurance company will give me a break on my insurance since it is safer from theft since it is manual… yeah, I doubt it too. 😉

Will this finally rid us of all the bad drivers?!?

Probably not, well atleast not for a while….

This article sounds like something out I Robot but it is real.

Urban road race to test limits of robotic cars

Wow! 1908 Ford Model T gets better gas mileage than many modern cars!!

I just found this a link to this article on a friends site. Can you believe that a Model-T from 1908 gets better gas mileage than modern cars. Hmmm… who do you think it is that doesn’t want us to know this?!?