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Comcast sorry to be blunt, but once again you’ve proved how much you suck

Yesterday afternoon, I was trying to send email but was greeted with a failure notice. I had just done a bunch of updates to my site so I thought maybe I had blocked myself out of my server because I was hitting it a lot. That was not the case. I was able to do everything but send email.

To make a long story short I tested everything on my end and determined that it had to be Comcast. I tried their mail servers because with my experience working with 1&1 Internet I know that Comcast often likes to block ports and only allow you to send through their mail servers. That still didn’t work. So I had to waste my time calling Comcast to get it to work, even though I was already doing exactly what the tech told me to do.

The tech told me that there was suspicious active from my IP address: I.e. massive amounts of email going out from my network. But of course he could not tell me when this happened or to what extent. So, I’ve been tagged as a spammer even though they can’t tell me why. I know that I don’t have a virus because I’ve checked and rechecked all my machines. Oh and the tech informed me that it was for my own protection. Thanks for the clarification Comcast!

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