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This one’s for you John!

So, last week out our game at Lanco Field House (FC Blackbird) we had this ref… I’m pretty sure he normally does youth soccer U-10 or younger. For some reason he had a thing against me. Every time I touched someone he called it on me. I got hip checked and I grabbed the guys shirt to try not and fall over… didn’t work and he called a foul on me. Then every time a guy would receive the ball with his back to me and he would back into me, I would hold my ground.. called against me. Guy knocks me off the ball with with his shoulder… call on me. You see the pattern. The ref was not only after me, but he called a horrible game for both sides. Some of the guys from both teams said that to him after the game. Then the guy starts in on me about “what call did I make that changed the game?” Uh, I didn’t know where to start. He then said that he’s seen me play before and I always play like that, ie dirty. Since apparently everything I do is a foul. Well, I had some choice words for him after that. Probably should have just walked away…

FC Blackbird to play in over 30 premier indoor league.

After the winning the bronze at the Keystone Games Indoor Soccer Tournament this past winter we decided to put together a premier indoor soccer team together. FC Blackbird will be playing at Lanco Field House in Lancaster (click for directions) in the over 30 premier league. This session will be our first time putting a team in this league, however we’ve hand picked the players and hope to continue our success. The team will have players from Lancaster, Manheim Township and Etown.

Come on out and support our team! Check out the schedule at our site: FC Blackbird

One Bad Egg.. Come on Lanco step up and do something about it!

So, last night I had a game with The Blue team and we played T/WO. It’s always a battle when we play each other. What really sucks though, is there’s one guy that changes the entire dynamic of the game. Everything was fine before the game and the first 10 minutes when he wasn’t there. Then he shows up and one of our players did a legal tackle and got the ball. What does this guy do? He throws himself at our player. It looked like when football players do the tackling drills with the tackling dummies. The ref called it he starts getting all pissed off. So, something like 2 minutes later he takes the same guy out. It just turned into a mess again. Then at half time one of his buddies was trying to make an argument that we are the problem. If that’s so, why does every team that plays against this guy complain about him?!?! In the second half he and I were going at it. Then the idiot starts threatening me. “Yeah, get the ball and turn your back on me and I’m going to take you out. I’ll break your legs.” I told him to say it louder. So, the idiot says it loud enough for the ref to here, but the ref doesn’t give him a card or anything. He just told us both to calm down…

You know… I just don’t need that aggravation. This is my stress relief. I’m not there to get more. Seriously Lanco Fieldhouse should really ban the guy. He’s gotten so many yellow and red cards it’s ridiculous. Please, Lanco do us all a favor before something really bad happens!!

Soccer, Soccer and more Soccer….

Tonight I’m heading down towards Philly to play a game with Dawn’s coed team. It’s the first time we every played on a team together. Should be fun. πŸ˜‰

The game is at 7, then I have game in Lancaster at 10. It’s going to be a busy night…

Tonight will complete full week of playing everyday! Ok, last Friday I didn’t play soccer, but I did run 3 miles. That counts right? You’d think I’d be in good shape…. πŸ™

We Are the Champions!!

Last night we had our championship game at the Lanco. Field House. We won 2-1! It was a pretty tough game since the teams were pretty well matched.
Stupid me got a yellow card. First I tackled a guy (which was all ball) and then the guy fell on me. The said I never played the ball… I said to him, “you have to be kidding me.” I don’t think he liked that too much. Then right after that, from the free kick, the same guy had the ball right in front of the net. So, I slid in front of him to block the shot. I had not intention of slide tackling him, I was just trying to block the shot. I never even touched the guy! He gave me a yellow card. The ref also organizes a league in the summer where you’re not allowed to slide tackle. He must have been confused. πŸ˜‰
In the indoor league when someone gets a yellow they have to sit out for 2 minutes. We played with 4 guys and they were unable to score. That gave us great momentum. So, it turned out to be a positive thing. πŸ˜‰
In the end we won. I’ve been playing there for over a year with this team. Some of the guys have been playing for something like 3 years. This is the first time we won the session. The session starts next week. Let’s go Blue!

Viva la Bleu!

Last night my indoor team, The Blue Team(I know very original) tied. I scored a penalty shot goal. It was actually a surprise penalty kick… I stole the ball from a defender and it bounced ahead of me towards their goal, so I chased it down… with another guy at my heals. I beat him to the ball, then tried to shield ball and I think on my second touch the other guy wiped me out. It was a clear goal scoring opportunity. It should have been a card really, but the ref gave us a penalty shot. I was as shocked as the other team, but I wasn’t going to miss a great opportunity. I took the shot and made sure I didn’t miss the free goal we given. πŸ˜‰ That put us up 2-1. Then in the last minute they tied it up…

The most exciting thing though, is that we are in the championship game next week! We are in first place with 5 wins, 1 loss and 1 tie. I’ve been playing in this league for over a year now. The sessions last about 8 weeks including a championship game. Our team has never been in the championship game before. πŸ˜‰ Some of the guys have been playing for years and never made it. So, now’s our chance to get our hands on the championship t-shirt! πŸ™‚

Viva la Bleu!