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This one’s for you John!

So, last week out our game at Lanco Field House (FC Blackbird) we had this ref… I’m pretty sure he normally does youth soccer U-10 or younger. For some reason he had a thing against me. Every time I touched someone he called it on me. I got hip checked and I grabbed the guys shirt to try not and fall over… didn’t work and he called a foul on me. Then every time a guy would receive the ball with his back to me and he would back into me, I would hold my ground.. called against me. Guy knocks me off the ball with with his shoulder… call on me. You see the pattern. The ref was not only after me, but he called a horrible game for both sides. Some of the guys from both teams said that to him after the game. Then the guy starts in on me about “what call did I make that changed the game?” Uh, I didn’t know where to start. He then said that he’s seen me play before and I always play like that, ie dirty. Since apparently everything I do is a foul. Well, I had some choice words for him after that. Probably should have just walked away…

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