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We Are the Champions!!

Last night we had our championship game at the Lanco. Field House. We won 2-1! It was a pretty tough game since the teams were pretty well matched.
Stupid me got a yellow card. First I tackled a guy (which was all ball) and then the guy fell on me. The said I never played the ball… I said to him, “you have to be kidding me.” I don’t think he liked that too much. Then right after that, from the free kick, the same guy had the ball right in front of the net. So, I slid in front of him to block the shot. I had not intention of slide tackling him, I was just trying to block the shot. I never even touched the guy! He gave me a yellow card. The ref also organizes a league in the summer where you’re not allowed to slide tackle. He must have been confused. 😉
In the indoor league when someone gets a yellow they have to sit out for 2 minutes. We played with 4 guys and they were unable to score. That gave us great momentum. So, it turned out to be a positive thing. 😉
In the end we won. I’ve been playing there for over a year with this team. Some of the guys have been playing for something like 3 years. This is the first time we won the session. The session starts next week. Let’s go Blue!

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