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One Bad Egg.. Come on Lanco step up and do something about it!

So, last night I had a game with The Blue team and we played T/WO. It’s always a battle when we play each other. What really sucks though, is there’s one guy that changes the entire dynamic of the game. Everything was fine before the game and the first 10 minutes when he wasn’t there. Then he shows up and one of our players did a legal tackle and got the ball. What does this guy do? He throws himself at our player. It looked like when football players do the tackling drills with the tackling dummies. The ref called it he starts getting all pissed off. So, something like 2 minutes later he takes the same guy out. It just turned into a mess again. Then at half time one of his buddies was trying to make an argument that we are the problem. If that’s so, why does every team that plays against this guy complain about him?!?! In the second half he and I were going at it. Then the idiot starts threatening me. “Yeah, get the ball and turn your back on me and I’m going to take you out. I’ll break your legs.” I told him to say it louder. So, the idiot says it loud enough for the ref to here, but the ref doesn’t give him a card or anything. He just told us both to calm down…

You know… I just don’t need that aggravation. This is my stress relief. I’m not there to get more. Seriously Lanco Fieldhouse should really ban the guy. He’s gotten so many yellow and red cards it’s ridiculous. Please, Lanco do us all a favor before something really bad happens!!

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