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Soccer, Soccer and more Soccer….

Tonight I’m heading down towards Philly to play a game with Dawn’s coed team. It’s the first time we every played on a team together. Should be fun. 😉

The game is at 7, then I have game in Lancaster at 10. It’s going to be a busy night…

Tonight will complete full week of playing everyday! Ok, last Friday I didn’t play soccer, but I did run 3 miles. That counts right? You’d think I’d be in good shape…. 🙁


  1. Two games in one night… It was lots of fun. The first game with Dawn. My touch was off because we were playing on a hard floor with one of those tennis ball looking balls. It was really bouncy and skidded a lot. It was very hard to get a good touch. Then the second game was the Blue Team. We won! I didn’t think we were going to win any this session. So it was a good night. I had 2 goals! Woohoo! Finally Mike and I were both on, he had to as well!

  2. wow FOUR years ago!  that floor was so hard to play on.  i don’t miss it haha.  

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