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FC Blackbird Wins Silver in Keystone State Games

On Sunday March 7th our premier soccer team FC Blackbird participated in the Keystone State Games (KSG) at Lanco Fieldhouse in Lancaster, PA.

KSG is a non-profit organization that was formed in 1983 in order to promote amateur athletics in PA. ( Every year they host an indoor soccer tournament for adults and for the past three years we’ve entered a men’s team. In 2008 we took the bronze and this year we bested that by winning the silver.
FC Blackbird Wins the Silver

The day started off with a slow start and a 0-0 tie on the small field. (Lanco has 3 fields. Two the same size and one that is considerably smaller) We were then surprised by a team out of Philadelphia, Tavolino and lost 0-3. For our third and final game in the preliminary round, we decided to change our strategy and finally found the back of the net to win the game 2-0. This put us second in our bracket. So, we would have to face off against another local team, Epic Photography in the first round of playoffs. We blanked them with another 2-0 victory and advanced to the semi-finals against CASL out Elco area.

In the semi final game we struck first taking a 1-0 lead only to end up down 3-1. We climbed back to a tie, with the third goal coming in the final seconds of the game. So, we were headed to over time! The rules of the tournament state that in the case of a tie, the goalie is taken off the field and both teams play with only four field players. So, the object is to be the first team to shoot. We had the kick off and started toward the goal. We took a shot that was blocked, but Pahn who was playing forward, stole the ball from the defended and pounded it home for the win! Next stop the finals and CASL headed to play for the bronze.

Our opponent for the final turned out to be Tavolino, the only team that had bested us earlier. The game went back and forth. We were tied at 3-3, but in the final minutes Tavolino scored a fourth goal to take the lead. Then with a little over a minute, one of their players was ejected with a red card for cursing at the ref. We tried to take advantage of the numbers advantage, but they held on with four on the field to win the gold 3-4.

All in all it was a fun day and we managed to survive with out any injuries. (Last year we suffered a number of injuries.) Plus, we came home with the silver medal!

Go on FC Blackbird!

A Weekend of Soccer

This past weekend was a crazy weekend for soccer. I put a team in the Keystone games. FC Blackbird. With a number of injuries and guys bailing at the last minute I had to scramble to get enough guys it ended up being a group of guys from my indoor team (FC Blackbird) and my outdoor team Berks United. The first game was against the team that one Keystones last year. We were still trying to get used to each other and ended up losing pretty badly. We then won our next two games. On Sunday we had to play in basically a quarter final and we lost 2-1 to a team we beat 3-1 the day before. Oh well, it ended up being a short day. I then played in the Lititz league at 6 (we won 6-2). I was pretty exhausted and my legs felt pretty rough by the end of the game.

Then Monday I had a playoff game in the LCBC league. A bunch of the guys are injured and we were missing a couple of couple players too. JK wasn’t there, so I played sweeper. My step-dad was the ref, and in the first half he blew a call saying one of there players was onsides when he really wasn’t. He scored. We ended up losing 2-1…

A pretty good week…

Well, this past week has been pretty good. It started with last Friday when I signed a new client. (Blackbird e-Solutions Secures SEO Deal With Accubright Systems, LLC and Superior Wash) Then on Sunday FC Blackbird, the team I entered in the Keystones ended up winning the Bronze. (FC Blackbird wins the bronze at the Keystone Games!) Plus, I might have picked up a new client at the tournament, which was brought on by sponsoring the team. Then Monday our Coed team won. Something that hasn’t happened in a while. Tuesday also had a happy ending. Then last night my Premier team beat a team that we normally lose to. Two of the guys on the team played with us in Keystones. Stupid me decided to stay out late and hang out with the guys. Now I’m beat, but all in all a good week.

Been a long time…

I seem to be slacking with my posts recently. I guess I’ve just been really busy. Seems to be a lot going on right now. This weekend I’m putting together a team for the Keystone Games you can check it out here. FCBlackbird Or the event on Facebook. It will be my first time using sports for advertising. πŸ˜‰

This past weekend I was sick. I guess with the flu. When I was starting to feel better I realized that one of the best times is when you realize you are over an illness. Your mind becomes very clear and your body starts to feel strong again. It feels like you just fought a battle and won. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it does feel good…

Keystone Games

Last Saturday some guys and I put a team together and played in the Keystone Games over mens 30’s tournament. Unfortunately we have really never all played together before. So, it was very difficult to play teams that have been playing together for years. We didn’t do that great, but we did end up with another bronze medal.

It wasn’t really the best day for me personally. I lost the ring I have been wearing for something like the last 12 years. I have been thinking about getting a new one, though. So, I guess it just made up my mind for me.
That’s not so bad compared to what else happened. I injured my knee. It actually started the previous Sunday in the Lititz league. It’s over 30 as well. It’s not very competitive, but ever since I started playing over 30 I have been worried I would get hurt… This league especially, and not because of hard play. The problem is: I’m on the younger end still, and there are a lot of guys that are older than they think, 20% slower than they used to be and over weight. They are often not in total control. Now, how did I get injured. I was playing sweeper when I cleared the ball and a guy came lunging in to block it… you guessed it he wasn’t as quick as he thought. He first knocked me off balance, which was a good thing because I was already falling over when his foot connected with the inside of my right calf. Let me tell you it hurt. Fortunately, I thought it was going to be worse than it was. Since I was already falling my foot wasn’t totally planted. He could have broken my leg or blown out my knee or ankle right there. Turns out it was sore down the outside of my leg from the ankle to the knee. I stayed off it for a few days to try and let it heal. Then I had the tournament. It was still a bit tender, but I thought ok. Then in the 3rd game (BTW 15 min halves), I had a really hard tackle. I stoned the guy of course. πŸ™‚ But he really wailed on the ball. I took the ball and then a few steps, my knee felt pretty weird. I’ve never had knee trouble before though. So, later I went to the doctors that were there for the tournament and the guy said it might be a light tear in the ACL or MCL. Not sure which is which. He guessed that my patella jumped out of track when I had the hard tackle and then back in. Probably because it was week from the first injury. So, now I am taking some time off to let it heal. I really don’t want to have knee trouble or an operation or something like that.

Something else that has been bothering my knees recently is my stupid desk. I have this cheap thing from IKEA that has a shelve right about my shines. So, I have to sit with my feet under the chair, hunched over or my feet on the shelf. Not very comfortable at all. But, my sis Gen has designed me a desk to go in my office. woohoo! Now I just have to build it. πŸ™ Maybe this weekend. I still need to finish my Biergarten too. Hmm… Priorities.