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A Weekend of Soccer

This past weekend was a crazy weekend for soccer. I put a team in the Keystone games. FC Blackbird. With a number of injuries and guys bailing at the last minute I had to scramble to get enough guys it ended up being a group of guys from my indoor team (FC Blackbird) and my outdoor team Berks United. The first game was against the team that one Keystones last year. We were still trying to get used to each other and ended up losing pretty badly. We then won our next two games. On Sunday we had to play in basically a quarter final and we lost 2-1 to a team we beat 3-1 the day before. Oh well, it ended up being a short day. I then played in the Lititz league at 6 (we won 6-2). I was pretty exhausted and my legs felt pretty rough by the end of the game.

Then Monday I had a playoff game in the LCBC league. A bunch of the guys are injured and we were missing a couple of couple players too. JK wasn’t there, so I played sweeper. My step-dad was the ref, and in the first half he blew a call saying one of there players was onsides when he really wasn’t. He scored. We ended up losing 2-1…

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