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A pretty good week…

Well, this past week has been pretty good. It started with last Friday when I signed a new client. (Blackbird e-Solutions Secures SEO Deal With Accubright Systems, LLC and Superior Wash) Then on Sunday FC Blackbird, the team I entered in the Keystones ended up winning the Bronze. (FC Blackbird wins the bronze at the Keystone Games!) Plus, I might have picked up a new client at the tournament, which was brought on by sponsoring the team. Then Monday our Coed team won. Something that hasn’t happened in a while. Tuesday also had a happy ending. Then last night my Premier team beat a team that we normally lose to. Two of the guys on the team played with us in Keystones. Stupid me decided to stay out late and hang out with the guys. Now I’m beat, but all in all a good week.

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