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Facebook Says Goodbye To Brands (and Businesses and Media)

facebook zuckerberg people firstYou may have noticed a trend on Facebook that organically (not paid ads) businesses and brands are showing up less and less. Recently Facebook was running a test where they moved these types of post from the main feed into the new “Explore” tab for some users. It seems that this will roll out to all users.

Facebook for Business can still be effective

This is important to for businesses because this solidifies further that Facebook will be “pay to play” platform for brands. This doesn’t mean it can’t be used effectively, you just have to be aware of the rules and how the platform is evolving.

In a Facebook post, Mark Zuckerberg wrote:

“Recently we’ve gotten feedback from our community that public content — posts from businesses, brands and media — is crowding out the personal moments [from friends and family] that lead us to connect more with each other.”

Zuckerberg also commented about how the future Facebook feed will look,

“Less public content like posts from businesses, brands, and media” and that he expects “the time people spend on Facebook … will go down. But I also expect the time you do spend on Facebook will be more valuable.”

Do you think this will make Facebook better?

Digital Marketing Changes in 2016 [Infographic]

Here are some very interesting predictions to what the digital marketing landscape will look like in 2016, according to the following Signal infographic.

One of the biggest trends that will continue in 2016 is the use of data. Data will drive everything from targeting precision, to advertising formats, platforms and relevancy. It’s no longer enough to say that you can track the ROI of your online efforts, marketers now need to use the data to reach more relevant audiences and to produce better results.

predictions for digital marketing in 2016


We Were Promised Flying Cars…

I was promised flying cars and all we go was Facebook!

WTF! I was promised flying cars and all we got was Facebook!

Are You F*?king Kidding Me? (Facebook Song) – Kate Miller-Heidke

We’ve all received a friend request from someone and wondered what would posses them to think I want to be Facebook friends with them. Makes you just want to say:

Are You F*?king Kidding Me?

Can Facebook Out Tweet Twitter?

from e-Life: Discussions About Blackbird e-Solutions, and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

It appears that Facebook has made another step in evolution towards being more like Twitter. The latest update allows page administrators to add mobile support to their public profiles. You can now update and receive updates for public profiles via your mobile phone. For example to become a fan of our public profile (Blackbird e-Solutions: Internet Marketing) via your mobile, send “fan Blackbird e-Solutions: Internet Marketing” to 32665.

As Facebook tries to absorb Twitters functionality into it’s site (without buying Twitter itself), there are still a few things that are missing. Quite possible the largest and most difficult thing to copy is all the apps that are built around the Twitter site, and there are a lot. Here’s a site that lists a bunch of them but I won’t venture to say that their list is complete: Twitter apps The one that I use the most is TwitterFeed. You can use this to tweet blog posts.

Another thing Facebook is missing is the fact that Twitter is a conversation. When Facebook manages to create an easy way to respond to post such as the “@username reply” on Twitter they will really be on target. But this is quite possibly a huge change to the framework of the site. Plus, copying the openess of Twitter is fundamentally against how Facebook started.

What I found most disappointing about the new mobile options for Facebook Public Profiles is that your mobile number can only be used for either a public profile you are administrating or your personal profile, not both. Theoretically this would be an easy fix. Create a new number for the public profiles, you can text the number for public profiles to update them and still be able to update your personal profile and receive updates as well.

Facebook is scrambling to grab onto to Twitter as it’s Growth rate soars. There doesn’t seem to be any other social networking site that can touch them now, but Twitter really has them scared. The next thing will be to see if users really start adopting the new Facebook mobile features…

Tired of Hearing 25 Things About Your Friends?

This is a funny video about the annoying things on Facebook. Check it out.
The thing I hate the most is when people tag me in notes about themselves. Have to admit though, thanks to Twitter I’m probably one of the people he mentions that updates their status too much.

Really tired of “SEO Pros” from India friending me on Facebook!!

So, as many of you know I’m on Facebook. I use it for personal and professional reasons. So, I keep getting friend requests from people who work for some company in India. I’m not going to dignify them by giving their name or a link either, because that would just help them. They know who they are! But, anyway… What they do is friend you and if you accept they start chatting with you and throw a bunch of web addresses at you and then start asking for outsourced SEO projects. It’s really agressive and quite frankly annoying! And by the way.. the site is crap. The English on the site is very poor.
I made the mistake, twice now, of accepting the friend request. Dumb I know. The second time was a bit better. The person on the other end could kind understand what I was saying.. I think. The first one’s English was so bad he didn’t know that I was taking the piss out of him… or US English “making fun of him” 😉 …
So, seriously. If you are a self proclaimed “SEO Pro” from India.. don’t waste your time trying to friend me. Got it???

Is It Time To Go Back To The Real World?!?

Been a long time…

I seem to be slacking with my posts recently. I guess I’ve just been really busy. Seems to be a lot going on right now. This weekend I’m putting together a team for the Keystone Games you can check it out here. FCBlackbird Or the event on Facebook. It will be my first time using sports for advertising. 😉

This past weekend I was sick. I guess with the flu. When I was starting to feel better I realized that one of the best times is when you realize you are over an illness. Your mind becomes very clear and your body starts to feel strong again. It feels like you just fought a battle and won. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it does feel good…