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Oh, Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling!

We’ll see how long till the video get’s pulled, but this is a great morning motivator!

Hair is What Girls See First – Axe Ad

axe hair and boobs adThis is a pretty funny ad from Axe. Do you agree “hair is what girls see first? Guys, do you see boobs first?

O’ Zapft is – Wies’n 2012

Only 30 days till the start of Weis’n 2012! – Oktoberfest in high German 😉

I’m Elmo and I Know It

“I make arrt”

Dude You’re a Barista

I love this commercial, makes me laugh everytime. I like how the iPhone users are behind a barricade. Great symbolism.

The Best Bike Lock Ever!

Do you live in a big city? Are you tired of your bike getting stolen? Need a new bike lock? Try this one!

We Need More Cats in Advertising

To stay on top of the ever-changing advertising landscape, you need to stay on top of the latest trends. Ask yourself, what can cat videos do for your business

If You’re a Cyclist You Need to Watch This Video: James Cracknell – Use your head. Use your helmet

I came across this video today, and my first reaction was, “Wow.”

It’s a PSA with James Craknell, a British Olympic medalist in rowing. He is also a cyclist. Last year he suffered a head injury when a truck’s mirror struck his head at 70 mph.

The video starts with James saying: “I used to be James Cracknell,” he says. “I’m not anymore.” It is also a bit graphic with cracking sounds as he talks about his accident and X-ray view of his head, but it really drives home the point: “Use Your Head. Use a Helmet.”

“Helping Our White Friends Dance for Over 70 Years” – So True

I was reminded of this commercial again this morning so I thought I just had to post it.

So true, so true..

Thierry Henry Sent off for so Called “Violent” Conduct

Seriously? This is ridiculous. Even after the love tap the two players shook hands and made up. I can see maybe a yellow card to both players, but a straight red for a little bit of chatter and a tap on the head? That’s a bit much. If that’s all it takes to get a red card in the MLS, these refs would never last in the Bundesliga or Premier League… Well, pretty much any of the European leagues.