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Designing Happiness

What are you designing?!?

happiness is what you design for the future


“Happiness isn’t something you postpone for the future, it is something you design for the present” -Jim Rohn

Should I Wear a Halloween Costume to Work?

A little afternoon fun to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Does your company celebrate Halloween? Do you plan to wear a costume to work? Here are some tips for dos and don’ts for corporate costumes.


My ALS #IceBucketChallange Video

The Perfect Coffee Mug for Any Coe

This is the perfect coffee mug for those of you who need to have your cup of coffee in the morning before your mouth and well brain starts working.

I call dibs on dad’s birthday gift this year!

the perfect coffee mug

What Kind of Beer Drinker Are You?

They say you are what you eat… in this case what you drink? Check out this info graphic to see what the kind of beer you drink says about you.

what the beer you drink says about you

What Kind of Coffee Drinker Are You?

You can tell a lot about person by what type of coffee they drink. What’s your favorite?

what your coffee says about your

Oh, Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling!

We’ll see how long till the video get’s pulled, but this is a great morning motivator!

Doggy Yoga

Hey wait, that’s not downward dog!!

Doggy Yoga

I’m Elmo and I Know It

“I make arrt”

Technophonic Minnie Draughter

I really can’t decide if I like this commercial or not. It’s kinda disturbing….