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The Summer is Winding Down…

Even though I haven’t written anything for a while (been posting videos) there is really a lot going on… good and bad.

One of the bad things is having to chase a client for payment. They say that is one of the hardest things for small businesses, and you know it is really a pain. Such a waste of time. I mean if you provide a service, you should be paid promptly, or? Anyway, I’m sure it will work out in the end.

This past week has been pretty exciting though. I just signed a new client and I started with evaluating the current status of their web presence. Plus, I am in the process of working out a deal with a potential partner that could bring a good deal of business. [careful don’t want to give anything away ;)]

I have had a bit of a break from soccer. The summer leagues have ended or are winding down (the Lititz league ends this Sunday), so I decided to take a little rest and let the body recover so I’m 100% for the start of the fall season. I’ll be playing outdoor with Berks United again this fall. Coed indoor with my usual team, mens indoor with The Blue Team in the b league and I’m putting a team in the premier league again: FC Blackbird. We have made a few changes and I think we should be able to get the covetted tshirt this time!

I was supposed to head down to the shore this week to visit my dad, but with all the meetings and the new work I decided that this week wasn’t a good time. Plus, I’m going camping with Netzwerk Central PA and Netzwerk Phila. I’m also heading to the shore next week for Labor Day. So, I will definetely get some well needed R&R.

I hope everyone is doing well. The summer is winding down. If you are trying to get a hold of me this weekend I might be in a cell phone void. I’ll try and check my messages a couple of times a day.

Netzwerk Philadelphia’s Weihnachtsparty/Christmasfest III: Naughty vs. Nice — Dec. 1

Looking to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early this year? Come join us at the Netzwerk Philadelphia’s Weihnachtsparty/Christmasfest.


The fun begins at 8:00pm on Saturday, December 1 and takes place on the 25th floor of the Residence Inn by Marriott, with a dramatic view of Philadelphia’s historic City Hall.

These will include Gluehwein, beer, wine, soft drinks, light German and American foods and seasonal desserts served in a festively decorated room overlooking Philadelphia’s City Hall Tower.

Last year we had over 100 participants, good music, great dancing later in the evening and into the early hours of the morning. There were also reindeer antlers in great number and a good time was had by just about everyone. Pictures from 2006

Tickets are $25/person, $20/students, au pairs, and college-aged Freiwilliger. Food and drink are included in the ticket price. An RSVP and pre-payment are strongly encouraged: tickets at the door will cost an additional $5.

An on-line RSVP is required for this event if you plan to attend. Fortunately, it’s very easy to do! If you are registered member of Netzwerk Central PA, go to Netzwerk Philadelphia’s Weihnachtsparty/Christmasfest III: Naughty vs. Nice log in under your profile, select “yes” in the RSVP box, and click “submit”. If you are a registered member of Netzwerk Central PA, but have problems logging in, contact me by e-mail at If you are not a member of Netzwerk Central PA or Philadelphia, you can RSVP by contacting me as well.

Payment ahead of time is strongly encouraged! Tickets at the door will cost an additional $5.

To purchase you ticket(s) online with a credit or debit card, click on the PayPal link on the RSVP page and follow the instructions. You can pay Mark McGuigan in person with cash or check at any Stammtisch or Kaffeetreff event prior to the 1. December, or you can send a check (no cash through the mail please!) to Mark at (contact me for the address). Checks should be made payable to Mark McGuigan. You can also RSVP and pay at the door (cash and checks only). See below.

Naturally, we don’t want to turn anyone away, and so we will also sell tickets at the door – but they will cost $5 above the pre-party sale price. We will honor the pre-party ticket price at the door for members who have RSVP’d on-line (or for non-members, by e-mail) no later than Thursday November 29.

Paid reservations can be cancelled and refunded in full, if a refund request is received by November 29. We won’t be able to refund cancellations after that date.

I know you all appreciate the reasons for this – several members will be purchasing food, drink, and decorations, a day or two prior to the party, and there is a rental fee for the room. We need to know ahead of time how much food and drink to buy and feel certain that no one will get stuck covering party costs from his own pocket. So, many thanks ahead of time for your cooperation. Those who don’t cooperate will be turned over to Santa’s elves for questioning.

Moving Forward

Wow, I’ve really been slacking with posting recently. Things have been pretty crazy recently. I’m still waiting on the pics from San Fran. There should be some good one’s I’m sure. 😉

The biggest news right now is I finally received some seed money for my company. It should help me get the marketing side of things going, and start scoring some new clients. Today I had a meeting with another translator that I will be working with. He has experience with freelance translating and project management. It sounds like he is going to be a lot better to work with the crazy Joe, many of you have heard the stories. If you haven’t yet. Suffice it to say, I think I have the worst experience possible with working with freelance translators behind me. So, it hopefully can only get better.

Last night we had a coed indoor game which we won, wohoo! Only one of our girls showed up (5 and goalie on the field and you have to have at least 2 girls all times), so we played short for most of the first half. Then one of the guys called his wife and she came out too. We ended up finishing the first half 5-1. It was pretty great. Then we fell asleep in the beginning of the second half and ended up winning 7-6. Whew… We are in something like 3rd place now.

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Ardmore on the corner of Cricket Ave. That’s where I met the translator. I’m just hanging out and doing some work before I head to the Mainline Stammtisch with Netzwerk Phila. We’re having another meeting about what the Netzwerk. it looks like things are really starting to move forward on several fronts.

German Weekend Photos

Well, last weekend was pretty crazy and long. I think it took me till Wednesday to recover.

If you want to check out photos from the events there are some good ones online:

New York Steuben Parade and Party: Netzwerk Central PA
New York Steuben Parade and Party: Netzwerk Philadelpia

Oktoberfest at the Lancaster Liederkranz: Netwzwerk Central PA

Camping in Central PA/Zelten im Urwald von zentral Pennsylvanien

I’m off camping for the weekend, with Netzwerk Philly, the German group from Philly. . I hope the rain stops…
So, if you don’t hear from me by next Monday, it means I was eaten by a bear… or German!

Camp Site

My Domain…

Slowly I’m increasing my power through the Ether.. HA HA HA! (That was my evil laugh. Not really so effective on a blog posting…)

Well anyway… I’m now the Organizer or Assistant Organizer on three networking sites:

Lancaster German Group
Netzwerk Philadelphia – The German Network of Philadelphia
Americans In Munich

There are links on the right side of the page too.

Check them out and join my dominions! HA HA HA H… oh sorry got carried away. 😉