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Google Launched New Music Service Today

Google launched their new music service today amid an uproar from music labels: Music Beta by Google What I don’t get is, why do Google/Amazon/Apple need the approval of the music industry for a service to store files. If I buy my music it is my legitimately they are mine right? Then what business is it where I store them. If want to sign up for a service that allows me to use those files across devices and remotely, that’s my business.

The music industry is so scared of any kind of innovation. Every time someone develops a new way to listen to music they start lawyering up to fight the innovation.

Hey music labels, about this. Hire some innovative people to develop services like Google, Amazon and Apple, then you can get a piece of the pie too. Haven’t you learned yet? Innovate or die!


Google TV – Combining TV with the Internet

Google TVI’ve heard mixed reviews about Google TV. I read an article on Forbes today that gave a pretty good explanation of what to expect. Basically, it’s an ongoing development. Google releases products that are still in development because they want third parties to develop apps, new advertising and business models as well as other ideas. This is what makes the product. Looking at the Android mobile OS, it was pretty terrible at the start, but since developers have been allowed to create apps based on the OS it has become a true competitor to the iPhone. In fact it is on track to have more users than Apples OS.

I love the idea of Google TV. Microsoft and Apple have been trying to bring the internet into the living room for years without much success. Most of the other TVs that include internet are not full blown internet, but a series of apps limiting access. Even with it’s “under development” status, I think this has the best shot to achieve a seamless combination of the two. I’m seriously considering Google TV as my next TV, but I just hope they make it easy to upgrade as the product develops.

I Google Myself

I’ve been posting a lot of videos recently, I’ve just been coming across a lot of them recently. This one is a must see, but if you’re easily offended don’t watch it. You’ve been warned. 😉

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SEO Project a Success for Superior Wash of PA

From e-Life Discussions about Blackbird e-Solutions and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

This is a follow up to my posting on February 29th, 2008: Blackbird e-Solutions Secures SEO Deal With Accubright Systems, LLC and Superior Wash.

In conjunction with their sister company Accubright Systems, LLC, where 4 pages were to be optimized, Blackbird e-Solutions was contracted to optimize 1 page for Superior Wash’s site. The page to be optimized was their mobile truck washing services page….

…Superior Wash’s target search query “mobile tuck washing lancaster pa“, the page Mobile Truck Washing and On-Site Fleet Cleaning Services- Superior Wash of PA, is ranked number 1.

Read the full story at e-Life: SEO Project a Success for Superior Wash of PA

Wikia Search Alpha Goes Live Today

From e-Life

Wikia Search is the new user-based, or social search engine. The brain child of Wikimedia Foundation’s founder and CEO Jimmy Wales.

Wales admits that comparing Wikia Search on day one to Google is not possible. Here’s what he said on Tech Crunch:

“(Wikia Search) is a project to *build* a search engine, not a search engine… So the comparison to Google on day one is just mistaken. Google didn’t launch a project to build a human-powered search engine, they launched an algorithmic search engine with a clever new idea. So they didn’t have to wait for the humans to come in and start building it. We aren’t even running with a real index yet, just a placeholder index. Yeah, the search sucks today. But that’s not the point. The point is that we are building something different.”

Will it be a Google killer? Certainly not for sometime. The whole concept is that people will be driving how the search engine works. That takes time. The project is said to be based on the following four principles (from the about Wikia Search page:

Our Four Organizing Principles (TCQP) – the future of Internet Search must be based on:

  1. Transparency – Openness in how the systems and algorithms operate, both in the form of open source licenses and open content + APIs.
  2. Community – Everyone is able to contribute in some way (as individuals or entire organizations), strong social and community focus.
  3. Quality – Significantly improve the relevancy and accuracy of search results and the searching experience.
  4. Privacy – Must be protected, do not store or transmit any identifying data.”

I’ll have to be honest I’m not exactly sure how giving people the ability to edit and create entries that will be displayed when you search for something is going to make “search” better. It does sound like there is a big chance for manipulation. All the talk is about Google’s strangle hold on the search industry, and that they use ever changing algorithms to produce their results, and getting the general public involved is the way to make this better. Actually Google also has a human side to it’S results. A fact seemingly not known to many. At Google they call them Quality Raters. The Quality Raters are paid telecommuters (meaning the work from home) that spend their time rating how well the search queries match up to the results that the algorithms are producing, including whether or not someone is trying to manipulate the algorithms for their own use. So, in that way they also have human controls to improve the quality of their search.

It will be interesting to see how the quality will be controlled with Wikia Search. Although Wikepedia is smashing hit and I believe that collaboration is the wave of the future. It is true that just because something is a product of the masses, doesn’t always mean it is good. I guess time will tell…

Yahoo! Video — Mania_t_v **A Warning**

Along with my own business. I do some work on the side as a rater for Google. What I do in a nutshell is rate the validity search strings for sites, images, etc…

Today I had a particular search, actually I don’t remember exactly what the search term was, but it landed me on a page from Yahoo! Video. The page was a directory of videos from a user called Mania_t_v. Frankly the videos were pretty useless, as they all seemed to be advertisements for the site called Now before you go checking out the site… don’t! After checking out some of the videos, although I’m not really into the topic (Hollywood gossip), I thought I would check out the site. The first time i tried, my browser Firefox crashed. Ok, odd… So, I started Firefox again and chose restore the session. It tried to access the site again, and BOOM! Not only did my browser crash, my computer crashed and restarted with a whole bunch of errors! I am currently running AVG Anti-Virus and Ad-Aware (I recommend both) to see what they infected the computer with. So far all I’ve found is some cookies that seem to be a bit dangerous, but I’m sure I’ll find something else considering none of my audio drivers work now…

So in short: Stay away from I’m not sure if it is one of their that is malicious or those running the site. Hopefully Yahoo! Video will investigate this as well, because if someone is using there service to lure people to their site and then dumping Spy/Malware onto their machines. It could tarnish the image of Yahoo! And this only shortly after I was so happy with their service…

This is the first day of the rest of your life…

Many of you already know that I’m no longer with CSB-System. My last day was last Thursday.

Thursday night I had an indoor game where I scored a goal and had a few assists. One of the comments was that I was much more relaxed and played better than I have in a while. Go figure..

So, what am I doing now. Well, I’m still working part-time for Google. I’m going to start doing some translation and now I’ll have time to build my business. Blackbird e-Solutions I’m going to revamp the business to focus on Localization for websites and other materials, and Technical Consulting for German companies that want to establish a presence in the USA. So, it’s really an excite time.

Valentine’s Day…The Day After.

For all of you who had a less than romantic Valentine’s Day, and if you’ve tried, YahooPersonals or any other dating site wih now luck. Google has finally come up with the answer! Thank goodness for those guys at Google… (click on the link below)

Google Romance