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Can SEO Help Your Personal Brand In a Crisis?

When faced with a crisis many people think SEO can save them from bad press. The truth is, it is not a silver bullet and can’t be turned on when you face a problem. However, there are things that you can do to help protect your online image that will help protect it if you do face a crisis.

Man looks out window during crisis. Can SEO help your personal brand?

SEO Can Help Your Personal Brand (Long Term)

Back in 2008, I had a crisis with my personal brand. Someone with the exact same name (Yes, they even spelled Bryan with a Y instead of an I.) was accused of manslaughter. I was horrified. What if I was going to meet with a potential new client and they Googled me and the story came up!

It took time but was able to flood the search results with properties I controlled, which included my personal blog, company site, and social media profiles. Even today I hold 6 or 8 of the top 10 when you search my name.

This post over on my company site explains how to secure your foothold before a crisis and ways to build your online reputation (personal and corporate) after a crisis. Check it out.

Can SEO Help With A Crisis?

Google in 2012 What’s New

I recently started a series of post over on my company blog about the changes that Larry Page and Google have recently made. They are doing some very interesting and in some cases scary things. Check out the excerpts from the first two posts in the series.

New Google Search Ad Placement

The first update you may have noticed as you were using Google Search is a redesign of ad placement. Ads that previously appeared on the right side of search results will in some cases be moved to below search results.

If you want to know if your ads are performing better in the top positions as apposed to all other positions, you’re in luck. Google will soon be launching a custom “Top vs. Other” segment. All placements on the side, at the bottom are labeled and other experimental placements will be labeled as “other”.

Read the full post: The New Google. Does “Don’t be Evil” Still Apply? – Part 1

YouTube Homepage Makeover

The new redesign, which YouTube describes as the biggest redesign in history, is a move to personalize the user experience on the site as well as better integration with social media services. Plus if that wasn’t enough, Google has changed the focus of the site to a channel centric experience, which puts them in competition with broadcast and cable tv.

When you first log in you’ll notice that the homepage is focused around channels and the “homepage feed.” The feed contains the channels that a user is subscribed to, which can contain channels such official music from the Warner Music Group, video hobbyists or branded channels. Users can control what is in their feed with the navigation bar on the left and recommended videos and ads populate the right column. It looks very similar to social media sites such as Facebook.

Read the full post: YouTube Update: The New Google. Does “Don’t be Evil” Still Apply? – Part 2

Introduction to Leveraging Social Media for Business

Have you heard of Twitter?

Do you have a Facebook or a LinkedIn account?

How about a blog?

These are all examples of social media. There’s a lot of buzz in the media about the new ways that people are connecting using social media, but are you using this phenomenon for your business? In this webinar you will find out just what the different aspects of social media are and how to use them to promote your business.

On May 7th Blackbird e-Solutions will be presenting a free webinar explaining in plain terms what social media is, and how you can use it to help your business. The discussion will cover how to us social media to strengthen your brand, sell products, drive traffic to your website and more.

The webinar will be held on Thursday, May 7, 2009 from 2:00-3:00pm EST -register today space is limited!

Who will be presenting?

The webinar will be presented by Bryan Coe, President and founder of Blackbird e-Solutions. Before starting his company Bryan worked for such well know companies such as 1&1 Internet and Google. You can find Blackbird e-Solutions online: E-Life, Facebook, Twitter

Who should attend?

Business owners, executives and anyone interested in learning more about social media. No technical experience required.

Technical requirements:

Internet connection and computer speakers for audio.

Link to webinar information on Blackbird e-Solutions site

A Nice Pat on the Back for the Blackbird e-Solutions SEO Team

From e-Life: Discussions about Blackbird e-Solutions and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

If you remember in the past six months I’ve posted about a Search Engine Optimization client of ours, Superior Wash of PA (See links below). There was some buzz about the deal because the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce was excited that we made our connection at the new members welcome event. It was the first event I visited for Blackbird e-Solutions. The subsequently did an article about us in their monthly newsletter.

The project was finished several months ago, which has given enough time for an evaluation of the effectiveness of the campaign. It took about a month for the sites to climb into a good position in the search engines, but then as you can see in my previous posting: SEO Project a Success for Superior Wash of PA they, reached a top ranking. Today I received the following email from Jen at Superior Wash:

I just wanted to tell you that we have had an increase in Superior Wash’s website traffic. I am sending out 3 quotes to companies who found us on the web and completed the “contact us” form! Very exciting! I owe that all to you and I just wanted you to know it’s working!!

Hope you are having a good summer and maybe I’ll see you at a Chamber event

This is great news! I’m excited that they are seeing results from our campaign. It’s always good to have satisfied customers. 😉

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Net Neutrality — A Letter to US Senator Arlen Specter

From e-Life: Discussions about Blackbird e-Solutions and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

After seeing the news article “FCC rules Comcast violated Internet access policy” I was reminded of the importance of net neutrality. So since I’m located in Pennsylvania, I decided to right US Senator Arlen Specter. You can read my letter below.

Dear Mr. Specter,

After seeing the news article this morning “FCC rules Comcast violated Internet access policy” this morning I was reminded of the importance of “net neutrality”. I commend the FCC for taking a stand with Comcast. Comcast is a huge business that in most areas operates almost as a monopoly, yet they continue to cry that their infrastructure is being unfairly used. They claim that companies and people are getting a free ride on their pipeline. I always get a kick out of how they try to justify the policy of slowing down different types of traffic just because that type is popular. One example is Google. They talked about implementing a way to slow traffic to companies such as Google and then charging them a higher fee so that the traffic will run at normal speeds. That sounds like a form of racketeering, which is not unlike what the mob does when they force people to pay for protection. “Protection from what?”, you ask. In actuality the money being paid is to protect the victims from the mob itself.

The idea of slowing different types of traffic could also be equated to Microsoft saying you can install any program on a Windows computer, but you will have to pay MS more money so the software will run correctly.

Companies like Comcast feel that they can’t support their networks with the fees they are charging, but their fees continue to go up and they continue to see profits and growth. Comcast Reports First Quarter 2008 Results Furthermore do they really think that Google and friends are not paying for their connection the internet? I would be interested in seeing the numbers on how much they pay to keep all their data centers connected… It’s not like they are running a billion dollar business on a dial up connection that costs them only a few dollars a month. Plus, all those people using Google, are they not paying for their connection as well?

As a business owner myself I support finding creative ways for new revenue, but it has to be done in an ethical manner. If the telcos are allowed to decide at what speed traffic travels over their networks it will stifle the economy. There are number of reasons this is true. For instance, the US has become a service economy and many of those services are performed via the internet. Many companies live or die by their ability to reach customers online. There is also a big conflict of interest for the telcos. For example a company such as the VOIP breakthrough Vonage could be squashed out of existence if Comcast decided they wanted to hinder Vonage’s VOIP traffic. Since Comcast also has a VOIP service this would give them an unfair advantage. Then where does it stop? The telcos could start picking off different markets by eliminating their competition in this manner.

Then fundamental idea of the internet is based on neutrality. This has creating a new economies, new markets and new jobs. Allowing the telcos to hold companies and individuals hostage would be disservice to the country and its people.

For further information about net neutrality please visit:

Best regards,
Bryan Coe

SEO Project a Success for Superior Wash of PA

From e-Life Discussions about Blackbird e-Solutions and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

This is a follow up to my posting on February 29th, 2008: Blackbird e-Solutions Secures SEO Deal With Accubright Systems, LLC and Superior Wash.

In conjunction with their sister company Accubright Systems, LLC, where 4 pages were to be optimized, Blackbird e-Solutions was contracted to optimize 1 page for Superior Wash’s site. The page to be optimized was their mobile truck washing services page….

…Superior Wash’s target search query “mobile tuck washing lancaster pa“, the page Mobile Truck Washing and On-Site Fleet Cleaning Services- Superior Wash of PA, is ranked number 1.

Read the full story at e-Life: SEO Project a Success for Superior Wash of PA

Blackbird e-Solutions Signs Deal With

From e-Life Discussions about Blackbird e-Solutions and the Search, Tech and Localization Industries

On Thursday April, 24 2008 Blackbird e-Solutions signed a new contract with Cartango Inc. of Manheim, PA regarding the set-up of a web analytics plan for their site Blackbird e-Solutions will provide consulting services for web analytics software set-up and training for Cartango’s staff. The training will include how to manage the analysis software, as well as comprehensive reporting for traffic sources (direct, referral site, search engines), marketing info. (region, city, OS, etc.) and goal conversion reporting. (read more at e-Life…)

Yahoo! Go 2.0: A Big Disappointment

Like many people in business I have a smart phone. I don’t have a blackberry, instead I have the 8125 pocket pc from Cingular(now AT&T). The phone is a life line for business. It keeps me connected at all times where ever I am. I have my work email as well as a personal account set up as an IMAP accounts. The IMAP accounts are configured to automatically check for mail and notify me when I receive anything new.
However, my primary personal account is a Yahoo! Mail account. I use Yahoo! Mail suite for a lot of things including business. The suite includes a calendar, notes, tasks and an address book with options to enter email addresses, phone numbers and snail mail. I use the calendar and tasks functions for personal as well business. With Yahoo Go 1.0 I had live access to the full suite anytime anywhere and it synced directly with my phone.

For months maybe even close to a year, I have been using Yahoo’s service called Yahoo! Go 1.0. The service was great, because I was able to sync my calendar, notes, tasks, email and address book directly between my phone and my Yahoo! account. The software could be configured to periodically check for new email, and functioned like a POP3 or IMAP account. Plus, when it checked for new email the other functions were also synced on the fly. Pocket PCs have the ability to sync with MS Outlook, but this can’t be done on the fly like Yahoo! Go 1.0 worked. So, Yahoo! had me using their email service almost exclusively for my personal mail, appointments and for the address book.

Unfortunately this service has recently been discontinued and replaced with a new service: Yahoo Go! 2.0. The new service is blotted, slow, cumbersome and isolated. You can no longer directly sync anything with your phone. To check my mail I have to log into their slow memory eating software. Then navigate to the mail function and manually check my email. There seems to be an option in the mail settings called “Push email”. I’m not sure where it is “Pushed”… certainly not my phone. There is another setting called “Message alert”. Again, I’m not sure what the function is for as it isn’t notifying me when I receive a message. I still have to load the software to check mail. Granite the Cingular 8125 is not the most powerful phone on the market anymore, but the Yahoo! Go 2.0 software is so buggy that periodically when loading it will freeze the phone and reset the time and date to May 2000. Incidentally the phone is only 1 year old. Furthermore there doesn’t seem to be anyway to turn off functions that I do not use. (Unless I missed something.) I have no need for entertainment news, sports news or flicker. Yes, they may be interesting options and many people may use them, but why can’t the user streamline the software, so it only loads the functions they want?

Yahoo! is seemingly trying to emulate the functions of the iPhone. That might be a good idea if the software was integrated into the phone. Right now, that is definitely not the case. Yahoo! Go 2.0 has been such a disappointment for me that, after using Yahoo! Mail as my personal account for many years, I am considering, moving to another account that will directly sync with my phone. I don’t have time for blotware, as it slows down productivity and causes more headaches than it is worth. I sincerely hope that Yahoo! realizes what functionality is really important to their customers and adjusts it’s strategy accordingly.

-From Blackbird e-Solutions: e-Life


Seems I have a lot to write about tonight. Just catching up I guess.

I’ve told a few of you about the book I’ve been reading. It’s called Wikinomics. Sounds a bit dry? Well, it is actually interesting. It’s about how collaboration is changing the economy. You may have heard of sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flikr. But probably never heard of things like InnoCentive where major companies around the world are posting projects for real cash. For example:

Rapid Test for Detection of Infection

POSTED: JUL 26, 2007
DEADLINE: OCT 26, 2007
$50,000 USD

Or the Human Genome Project a site where geneticists collaborate. Although the social sites maybe in the sites in the spotlight now, it is much broader movement.

Anyway, I’m going to do a review of the book on my company blog e-Life, I’ll probably post it here too, or at least let you know when the review is up. Until then…Check out the site Wikinomics and Here’s a link where you can buy the book:

The next book I’m going to read is also pretty heavy, but about German. It’s called Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod == Dative is the death of Genetive. It’s supposed to be a guide to all the craziness in the German Language. We’ll see… Here’s an audio version.

e-Life: Blackbird e-Solutions and the Tech. Industry

I’ve decided to start a blog for my company Blackbird e-Solutions called e-Life. I plan to use the blog to discuss issues that are relevant to the company. This will include topics that are of importance in the tech industry, as well as discussions about our products and services. Pretty much all things “e”. What does the “e” stand for. Electronic, this could also be an “i” for information, but I don’t want to get confused with Apple. 😉

I’m setting out with a goal to post at least once a week. I hope everyone will check it out. Feel free to post any questions you might have and I’ll do my best to answer them.