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Smoking Ban in PA to Start Thursday, September 11, 2008

Finally Pennsylvania has come out of the cloud and bans smoking in public places.

I used to think that a smoking ban wasn’t right. Why should the government be allowed to mandate someones personal choice. A lot of places have been going smoke free on their own will, and I have really seen how great it is to be able to go out and not come home smelling like an ashtray. If my clothes and hair smell that bad, do you really think that it’s not getting in my lungs too? The fact is when people smoke in public places bars, restaurants, clubs offices, etc… They are making a choice for me. Second hand smoke can hurt you too, and to not admit that is a show of ignorance. Hey, if you want to smoke that’s your choice, but don’t hurt me because of your habit.

It has taken PA far too long to pass this bill. Many countries around the world have passed laws to ban smoking long before us: Italy, Germany, France Here’s a list of smoking bans around the world. I mean if all these countries can do it, we certainly can too.

Thank goodness we are finally there.. hopefully there are not too many caveats that will weaken the law.

For more info check out the PA Dept. of Health site about the law: Clean Indoor Air ACT

Driving restrictions in MD

I was just doing some work for Google and came across a site about Maryland Driving Laws. I found this “Passenger Restriction” below interesting:

Passenger Restriction
  • Effective October 1, 2005, provisional drivers under the age of 18 are not permitted to carry passengers under the age of 18, except for family members, for the first five (5) months of licensure.
  • Violations may result in a suspension of driving privileges.

That just seems odd to me. Is this because they think people under 18 aren’t mature enough to decide for themselves whether or not they should get in a car with a new driver. Did someone’s parents get sued for an accident their kid had? Maybe it’s just me, but it just seems odd. I guess it goes along with their slogan on the signs when you enter MD “Drive Gently” I’m not quite sure how you do that. 😉