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My Domain…

Slowly I’m increasing my power through the Ether.. HA HA HA! (That was my evil laugh. Not really so effective on a blog posting…)

Well anyway… I’m now the Organizer or Assistant Organizer on three networking sites:

Lancaster German Group
Netzwerk Philadelphia – The German Network of Philadelphia
Americans In Munich

There are links on the right side of the page too.

Check them out and join my dominions! HA HA HA H… oh sorry got carried away. 😉

Lancaster German Language Group

In order to practice my German I have joined a couple of different groups that meet and speak German. The groups are made up of Germans living in the US, and people like me from the US, who lived in Germany and don’t want to lose their German, as well as others that want to practice their German.

Today I just became the coordinator of the Lancaster German Language Group We meet every first and 3rd Wednesday at Macaroni Grill in Lancaster.