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It’s About Time The FCC Checks Into The Practices of Comcast

Comcast has been going on about how if you are a Comcast subscriber you need to update to digital cable because of the transition to digital that is going on for TVs with antennae. This has nothing to do with digital cable. Comcast also keeps whining about internet issues and their infrastructure. See also: Net Neutrality a Letter To Us Senator Arlen Specter Yet they have a virtual monopoly on the cable industry in many parts of the country.

The FCC is finally looking into the pricing structure of the cable industry including Verizon and their FiOS service:

The agency wants to ensure the companies’ customers are getting treated fairly, FCC Chairman Kevin Martin said in an interview with The Associated Press.

“I’m certainly concerned with the increasing cable prices that consumers are facing,” Martin said. “They are getting less and being charged the same or more.”

Read the whole article here: FCC to probe pricing policies of cable, Verizon (AP)

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