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FC Blackbird vs. MC Kickers Championship Game

Thursday May 29th at 7pm FC Blackbird will be playing MC Kickers in the O-30 Premier League final. Check out the event details on Facebook or at the FC Blackbird page.

Come on out and support our team!

Lanco Field House
1901 Miller Road
East Petersburg, PA

FC Blackbird to play in over 30 premier indoor league.

After the winning the bronze at the Keystone Games Indoor Soccer Tournament this past winter we decided to put together a premier indoor soccer team together. FC Blackbird will be playing at Lanco Field House in Lancaster (click for directions) in the over 30 premier league. This session will be our first time putting a team in this league, however we’ve hand picked the players and hope to continue our success. The team will have players from Lancaster, Manheim Township and Etown.

Come on out and support our team! Check out the schedule at our site: FC Blackbird

One Bad Egg.. Come on Lanco step up and do something about it!

So, last night I had a game with The Blue team and we played T/WO. It’s always a battle when we play each other. What really sucks though, is there’s one guy that changes the entire dynamic of the game. Everything was fine before the game and the first 10 minutes when he wasn’t there. Then he shows up and one of our players did a legal tackle and got the ball. What does this guy do? He throws himself at our player. It looked like when football players do the tackling drills with the tackling dummies. The ref called it he starts getting all pissed off. So, something like 2 minutes later he takes the same guy out. It just turned into a mess again. Then at half time one of his buddies was trying to make an argument that we are the problem. If that’s so, why does every team that plays against this guy complain about him?!?! In the second half he and I were going at it. Then the idiot starts threatening me. “Yeah, get the ball and turn your back on me and I’m going to take you out. I’ll break your legs.” I told him to say it louder. So, the idiot says it loud enough for the ref to here, but the ref doesn’t give him a card or anything. He just told us both to calm down…

You know… I just don’t need that aggravation. This is my stress relief. I’m not there to get more. Seriously Lanco Fieldhouse should really ban the guy. He’s gotten so many yellow and red cards it’s ridiculous. Please, Lanco do us all a favor before something really bad happens!!

A pretty good week…

Well, this past week has been pretty good. It started with last Friday when I signed a new client. (Blackbird e-Solutions Secures SEO Deal With Accubright Systems, LLC and Superior Wash) Then on Sunday FC Blackbird, the team I entered in the Keystones ended up winning the Bronze. (FC Blackbird wins the bronze at the Keystone Games!) Plus, I might have picked up a new client at the tournament, which was brought on by sponsoring the team. Then Monday our Coed team won. Something that hasn’t happened in a while. Tuesday also had a happy ending. Then last night my Premier team beat a team that we normally lose to. Two of the guys on the team played with us in Keystones. Stupid me decided to stay out late and hang out with the guys. Now I’m beat, but all in all a good week.

Been a long time…

I seem to be slacking with my posts recently. I guess I’ve just been really busy. Seems to be a lot going on right now. This weekend I’m putting together a team for the Keystone Games you can check it out here. FCBlackbird Or the event on Facebook. It will be my first time using sports for advertising. πŸ˜‰

This past weekend I was sick. I guess with the flu. When I was starting to feel better I realized that one of the best times is when you realize you are over an illness. Your mind becomes very clear and your body starts to feel strong again. It feels like you just fought a battle and won. I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but it does feel good…

The Winning Draught is Over!!

Finally after weeks and weeks.. well it seemed like forever. I play on 4 indoor teams at the moment and none of the teams had won a game in ages. Finally on Sunday, my open team pulled off a win. The majority of us are over 30’s, but we seemed to have good chemistry this time. We beat this team last session too. They are a bunch of kids, just out of high school. Some of them might still be in school. Last time we were beating them pretty good and they got mad and tried to start a fight. You know they were getting beat by a bunch of old guys. Funny thing is, my team has two cops. One state one city. Not a smart person to hit. It would be pretty tough to defend yourself in court if the cop presses charges. πŸ˜‰
Anyway, it was nice to beat them again, and finally get another win!

Coed last night wasn’t so lucky though….

ScoresThis Week

TAG–Let’s just say we had a bad game.

The Blue Team 5 – Blitz 6
The Escapements 7 – Principal 6
We scored the winning goal in the last 20 seconds. πŸ˜‰

Soccer This Week

Game tomorrow at 9pm
Thursday at 10pm
Saturday at 1:30pm at Evergreen

Moving Forward

Wow, I’ve really been slacking with posting recently. Things have been pretty crazy recently. I’m still waiting on the pics from San Fran. There should be some good one’s I’m sure. πŸ˜‰

The biggest news right now is I finally received some seed money for my company. It should help me get the marketing side of things going, and start scoring some new clients. Today I had a meeting with another translator that I will be working with. He has experience with freelance translating and project management. It sounds like he is going to be a lot better to work with the crazy Joe, many of you have heard the stories. If you haven’t yet. Suffice it to say, I think I have the worst experience possible with working with freelance translators behind me. So, it hopefully can only get better.

Last night we had a coed indoor game which we won, wohoo! Only one of our girls showed up (5 and goalie on the field and you have to have at least 2 girls all times), so we played short for most of the first half. Then one of the guys called his wife and she came out too. We ended up finishing the first half 5-1. It was pretty great. Then we fell asleep in the beginning of the second half and ended up winning 7-6. Whew… We are in something like 3rd place now.

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Ardmore on the corner of Cricket Ave. That’s where I met the translator. I’m just hanging out and doing some work before I head to the Mainline Stammtisch with Netzwerk Phila. We’re having another meeting about what the Netzwerk. it looks like things are really starting to move forward on several fronts.

Where in the world is Bryan Coe

This weekend is going to be a busy one. Where you can you find me?

Friday: A group of us are heading to Liederkranz in Lancaster to the Oktoberfest. A far cry from the real deal in Munich, but it should be fun.

Saturday: It’s off to NYC for the Steuben Parade. It’s a celebration of Germans in the USA. Don’t know who Steuben is?

Sunday: It’s back to the Liederkranz with my German group Netzwerk Central PA

Then Sunday night I have an open mens indoor game at Lanco. Field House.

See if you can spot me! πŸ˜‰