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Own your own English Soccer Team: MyFootballClub

Not to long ago I posted about a book I recently read called Wikinomics. As I said before the book is about how collaboration projects like Wikipedia and many others are changing the face of the internet. However the idea of collaboration is much more widespread and is affecting the business world much more than most of us can even imagine. I came across a new kind of collaboration today, an organization called MyFootballClub.

MyFootballClub is a UK based organization looking to bring the power of collaboration to the world of professional soccer. The group plans to purchase a mid-tier English football club and build it into a Premier Division side in the future. The way it works is people sign up for a subscription that costs £35 (about $70) and the become members. “They (members) will own the club, vote on team selection, decide which players to buy and sell and guide the club up the leagues.”

As a member you can:

  • join other members on our private forum
  • read exclusive news on the takeover progress
  • be the first to find out which club is purchased
  • cast crucial votes to shape our club’s future
  • be part of a community that will make football history


Seems I have a lot to write about tonight. Just catching up I guess.

I’ve told a few of you about the book I’ve been reading. It’s called Wikinomics. Sounds a bit dry? Well, it is actually interesting. It’s about how collaboration is changing the economy. You may have heard of sites like Facebook, MySpace, Flikr. But probably never heard of things like InnoCentive where major companies around the world are posting projects for real cash. For example:

Rapid Test for Detection of Infection

POSTED: JUL 26, 2007
DEADLINE: OCT 26, 2007
$50,000 USD

Or the Human Genome Project a site where geneticists collaborate. Although the social sites maybe in the sites in the spotlight now, it is much broader movement.

Anyway, I’m going to do a review of the book on my company blog e-Life, I’ll probably post it here too, or at least let you know when the review is up. Until then…Check out the site Wikinomics and Here’s a link where you can buy the book:

The next book I’m going to read is also pretty heavy, but about German. It’s called Der Dativ ist dem Genitiv sein Tod == Dative is the death of Genetive. It’s supposed to be a guide to all the craziness in the German Language. We’ll see… Here’s an audio version.