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Survinging The Modern Age – Information Overload

information overloadThere many challenges to being an entrepreneur. One of these challenges is keeping up with everything that’s happening. In today’s world there are so many tools out there to keep up with. There’s email, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, RSS Feeds, Fourquare, LinkedIn and Google+.  Just to name a few.

For entrepreneurs there’s personal branding and company branding. Plus leading your staff, collaborators and coworkers, as well as  communicating and managing clients. The list goes on..

For me I’d really have to think about how many email accounts I have and I receive several hundred emails a day. I follow hundreds of people of Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. Plus, there’s the blogs I read. The only way I can keep some sort of resemblance to keeping up, is to use tools that aggregate some of this for me. Here’s a few of the tools I use.

Hootsuite: For Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook
Netvibes: For Blogs
Apptivo: For client and project management
Pivotal Tracker: For project management

I’d love to hear what tools you use to keep your sanity? 

My Indoor Team: Champs Again!

My indoor team just won the championship this week for the second time in a row. Having a lot of fun playing with these guys.

fc blackbird back to back champs. FC Blackbird Back 2 Back Champs – Nov 8, 2012 & Jan 17, 2013


Break Free From the Cubical

Can’t stand cubical life? Break free!

office space - break free from the cubical

The Lancaster, PA James Street Improvement Bike Squad and PA Bike Law

I often see the James Street Improvement District Bike Squad guys on their bikes riding on the sidewalk throughout Lancaster. It’s happened more than once that I have almost hit one of them while driving because they crossed over an intersecting road from a side walk; Often against the flow of traffic. I’ve also almost been hit by them while walking down the sidewalk. I know this has happened to other people as well.

When I’ve questioned some of the riders about why they are the sidewalk they have told me things like, “To better serve people.” When I told them it is against bicycle law to ride on the sidewalk, “No, we’re going slow enough that it’s ok.”

Today I saw another one riding down the sidewalk outside my office and pedestrians had to get out of the way so he could pass. So, instead of just grumbling about it I decided to look up “bike law in PA.”

Guess what they’re wrong. Really what they are doing is setting a poor example, when they should be following proper bike safety and laws. The info below is from a site put out by the PA Department of Transportation. It’s pretty straight forward.

Pennsylvania Bicycling Laws


In Pennsylvania, a bicycle is considered a vehicle, and you must obey all of the laws that apply to other vehicles. There is also a set of rules that apply specifically to bicycles. If you ride in violation of the traffic laws, you greatly increase your risk of a crash, and will likely be found at fault in the event of an accident.


  • Pedestrians have the right-of-way on sidewalks and bicycle paths. You must give an audible signal as you approach and pass a pedestrian.
  • You are not permitted to ride a bicycle on a sidewalk in a business district (except where permitted by official traffic control devices), or where there is a bicycle-only lane available.

How Do You Define Success? Freedom


I just read a post on LinkedIn from Richard Branson What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness and it got me thinking about how I judge success.

I started a company to build something that would bring happiness. So many people go through live miserable because they don’t like their jobs, and we spend the majority of our time at a work. I wanted to do something I loved and look forward to the week. Not dread having to go back to work every Monday. Of course I want my company to make money, but that is more a means to an end or a by product of the real goal.

Richard described success as happiness. I can maybe take that a step further. Success to me is freedom:

  • To follow my passion
  • To learn and develop as a person
  • To care for those I love
  • The freedom to be happy

How do you define success?

Wedding Site Preview

Nicole and I are putting together a site for our wedding. I’ve been working on it today. Definitely looking forward to launching it soon.

Here’s a sneak peek. 😉

wedding website preview


I Voted – Did You?

i voted

I voted today, did you? I hope everyone in the USA got out and exercised their right to VOTE today.

“A Kiss for The Best” – Thanks Nicole!

Look what I received from my fiancé. 🙂


a kiss from nicole

Character is Forged in the Smallest of Struggles.

Character is forged in the smallest of struggles. Then, when the big challenges come, we’re ready.

It’s the everyday struggles and challenges that make us stronger and prepare us to tackle the life changing opportunities.

What have you “struggled” with today?

Doggy Yoga

Hey wait, that’s not downward dog!!

Doggy Yoga