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Staying the Course

In the middle of one of my usual “jump into the stream swim around and jump out” that I do throughout the day with Twitter. I came across a Tweet from @Fondalo: “Startups Don’t Fail. Founders Quit.

This really struck cord with me, so I clicked on the link. It post it led me to was about one of the founders of U Connect an online food delivery service. It described how they stayed the course through several potential periods where they wanted to quit.

don't quit!Really I wish it would have gone into more detail, but I think every entrepreneur has gone through those phases where things looked bleak. Sometimes it’s nothing less than pure will power that keeps you going. It’s something I know that I’ve lived through. The great part is, you realize when things are going well that the struggles were worth it.

So if you’re in one of the lows. Press on! Your strength and audacity will carry you through.


  1. jamesoliverjr says

    Hey Bryan, 

    Glad you liked the post. Maybe I should write a part 2? Haha. Cheers!

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