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Outdoor Soccer

I thought I wasn’t going to be playing Saturday outdoor soccer this spring, because I couldn’t get a hold of the guy that organized it in the fall. Finally someone called me last Tuesday. It turns out the guy is back in Morocco for a while.
We had our first game yesterday. We one 2-1! In the first half the ref award a penalty shot from a deflection of my hand as it was at my side. There was no way it should have been a PK. But, in the second half it was 2-1 already and I was chasing down a long ball towards the goal when a guy from the other team hit me with his should from behind because I got in between him and the ball. I then clearly handled the ball. It should have at least been called as a hand ball, and maybe another PK. But the ref didn’t see it. 🙂 So, it was a payback for the one in the first half. The other player was really mad, but what are you going to do? I certainly wasn’t going to tell the ref it was a handball!

Next week we play Ephrata! I would love to win that game…

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