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Should I Wear a Halloween Costume to Work?

A little afternoon fun to get you in the mood for Halloween.

Does your company celebrate Halloween? Do you plan to wear a costume to work? Here are some tips for dos and don’ts for corporate costumes.


Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my CTR?

A little advice from Matt Cutts to help you get through your Friday afternoon doldrums.

Question: Should I tweak my titles and descriptions to improve my clickthrough rate (CTR)?

Answer: Watch the video to find out ūüėČ


I definitely agree with Matt on this. You should be writing the Title and Description Tags that entice people to click. You can show well in search results, but if you can’t get anyone to click, then it doesn’t really matter. To take it even further, match the call to action to a what you want people to do on the page and you’ll get better conversions.

And we all know Conversions are KING!

Es is Wies’n Zeit: Feiern “Bayern-Style”

It’s Oktoberfest time: Party “Bayern-Style”


My ALS #IceBucketChallange Video

Conference Calls: An Amazing Tool, but Also a Necessary Evil

As the world gets smaller and companies operate in multiple locations, technology helps us stay in contact. It’s an amazing thing, but..

We’ve all had this meeting before.

German Engineers Create The Ultimate Game Day Commercial

Who says German engineers don’t have a sense of humor?

German Fourth Division Team Essen Tricks Other Team With a Crazy Free Kick

Maybe we’ll try this this week…

Conserve Water – Use Beer!

Maybe I’ll do this at home. It would conserve water, it’s good for the skin and hair. WHY NOT!

They Just Shipped Their Pants! And He Just Shipped His Bed!

Some clever wordplay marketing.

Oh, Sometimes I Get a Good Feeling!

We’ll see how long till the video get’s pulled, but this is a great morning motivator!