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The Winning Draught is Over!!

Finally after weeks and weeks.. well it seemed like forever. I play on 4 indoor teams at the moment and none of the teams had won a game in ages. Finally on Sunday, my open team pulled off a win. The majority of us are over 30’s, but we seemed to have good chemistry this time. We beat this team last session too. They are a bunch of kids, just out of high school. Some of them might still be in school. Last time we were beating them pretty good and they got mad and tried to start a fight. You know they were getting beat by a bunch of old guys. Funny thing is, my team has two cops. One state one city. Not a smart person to hit. It would be pretty tough to defend yourself in court if the cop presses charges. 😉
Anyway, it was nice to beat them again, and finally get another win!

Coed last night wasn’t so lucky though….