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Second Anniversary – 2 Years and Going Strong

nicole and bryan coeTwo years ago today I married the woman of my dreams, Nicole. Last year I married her a second time. And I’d do it a third time too! This year we had a beautiful son.

I can’t wait see all the exciting things we will share over decades to come.

Love you always Nicole!


Thankfully we were able to broadcast the wedding for our friends and family around the world to see. Below is the video.

Wedding Day Forecast – Looking Good!

As of today the weather is looking good for our wedding day. 0% chance of rain! Does it get any better.

Yes I know, before you say it, this could change by next week. But I’m excited to see it now!

weather forcast for wedding as of 7-25-13

Wedding Site Preview

Nicole and I are putting together a site for our wedding. I’ve been working on it today. Definitely looking forward to launching it soon.

Here’s a sneak peek. 😉

wedding website preview


The Bagel Dance

The latest trend in wedding dances… or, what happens when lifelong neighbors party together.


Just wanted to say congrats to Chris for getting engaged this weekend!!!

Lot’s O’Coes

It’s been a few weeks since Gen and Dan’s wedding. I think everyone has fully recovered… I hope. 😉

It was a bit wet and cold and a few people a little role down the hill, but I think everyone had a great time. I think someone recommended that the tuxes should come with cleats instead of the plastic shoes.

After the reception everyone ended up going back to the hotel bar and had a great time too. I think the best quote was from the band in the bar. “That wedding party is RIPPED!” It’s amazing I think we were all fine until we got to the bar. Then it went down hill from there. Fast!
I think Dan will be putting up more pics on there website so everyone can see the festivities.