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Hot, Hot, Hot

The thermometer in my car hit 103° F yesterday as I was driving to a soccer match. And this was 6pm!

I could have played a second game after mine because another team was short players for their game. My choices were:

  1. Run around in 100+ weather for another hour.
  2. Head to a friends place for a dip in his pool.

Uh, I chose #2.

I can’t wait to see what the temperature is going to be like today.  At least tonight I plan to be enjoying a nice beverage at the LBC.

Heat wave….

Man it has been stinking hot, and the humidity makes it even worse. Thank goodness one of my mom’s tenants left an air conditioner when they skipped out. Works really well too. Although just for one floor. Still have to get a small one for my bedroom though. Really not looking forward to my electric bill though.

I have a make up game at 4 today… It’s going to be stinkin’ hot for that too. Oh well, I’m taking a lot of water. 😉