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Moving Forward

Wow, I’ve really been slacking with posting recently. Things have been pretty crazy recently. I’m still waiting on the pics from San Fran. There should be some good one’s I’m sure. 😉

The biggest news right now is I finally received some seed money for my company. It should help me get the marketing side of things going, and start scoring some new clients. Today I had a meeting with another translator that I will be working with. He has experience with freelance translating and project management. It sounds like he is going to be a lot better to work with the crazy Joe, many of you have heard the stories. If you haven’t yet. Suffice it to say, I think I have the worst experience possible with working with freelance translators behind me. So, it hopefully can only get better.

Last night we had a coed indoor game which we won, wohoo! Only one of our girls showed up (5 and goalie on the field and you have to have at least 2 girls all times), so we played short for most of the first half. Then one of the guys called his wife and she came out too. We ended up finishing the first half 5-1. It was pretty great. Then we fell asleep in the beginning of the second half and ended up winning 7-6. Whew… We are in something like 3rd place now.

Right now I’m sitting in a cafe in Ardmore on the corner of Cricket Ave. That’s where I met the translator. I’m just hanging out and doing some work before I head to the Mainline Stammtisch with Netzwerk Phila. We’re having another meeting about what the Netzwerk. it looks like things are really starting to move forward on several fronts.

Localization project

I’ve been working on the end of this localization project for a Software company in Germany. I got the job from this guy Joe, who incidentally has gone of the deep end.
Anyway, I am basically finished now I just have a few question that need the company to answered. Mostly just abbreviations that are specific to the software. So, in the morning I’ll plug them into the table and be done with it. 😉

I was rocking today with the translated too. I did something like 12 lines in the excel sheet where everything is. It’s in an excel sheet because it is from the database that runs the software. Anyway, I was flying….

Then tomorrow it’s on to the next project.

French Teenager Arrested For Posting His Own Translation Of The Latest Harry Potter Book Online.

PARIS (Reuters) – Police arrested a teenager suspected of posting his own translation of the latest Harry Potter novel on the Internet weeks before the official French release, the book’s publishers said on Wednesday.

The 16-year-old schoolboy, from the Aix-en-Provence region in southern France, was taken into custody by a police anti-counterfeiting unit and later released, said a spokeswoman for the Gallimard publishing house, which handles the French editions of the novels.

Full Story: Police arrest French teen over Potter translation

This is the first day of the rest of your life…

Many of you already know that I’m no longer with CSB-System. My last day was last Thursday.

Thursday night I had an indoor game where I scored a goal and had a few assists. One of the comments was that I was much more relaxed and played better than I have in a while. Go figure..

So, what am I doing now. Well, I’m still working part-time for Google. I’m going to start doing some translation and now I’ll have time to build my business. Blackbird e-Solutions I’m going to revamp the business to focus on Localization for websites and other materials, and Technical Consulting for German companies that want to establish a presence in the USA. So, it’s really an excite time.