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How Do You Define Success? Freedom


I just read a post on LinkedIn from Richard Branson What’s the best measurement for success? Happiness and it got me thinking about how I judge success.

I started a company to build something that would bring happiness. So many people go through live miserable because they don’t like their jobs, and we spend the majority of our time at a work. I wanted to do something I loved and look forward to the week. Not dread having to go back to work every Monday. Of course I want my company to make money, but that is more a means to an end or a by product of the real goal.

Richard described success as happiness. I can maybe take that a step further. Success to me is freedom:

  • To follow my passion
  • To learn and develop as a person
  • To care for those I love
  • The freedom to be happy

How do you define success?

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