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Keep Plugging Along

Ah, the trials of being an entrepreneur. It’s not the easiest path, but there are many things that make it worthwhile. Sometimes you find encouragement in unexpected places. Like my horoscope for today:

“Sometimes the road you’re traveling on gets shrouded in fog. If that happens, don’t pull over and wait for the weather to clear. Time is not to be wasted — keep going, slowly but surely, on the same path. If you let little things stop you from where you want to go (or what you want to accomplish), your confidence will take a beating. Soon enough, you’ll see a clear sign that will put your fears to rest and your mind at ease. You were on the right path the whole time.”

Today, one of my clients gave a glowing recommendation to someone that found them online. After speaking with my client this person called me about doing some work for them and we’re meeting next week to discuss it. It’s always nice when your clients become your best salespeople!

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