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Most Dangerous Cities and the Safest States in the USA

I came across one of those depressing statistics tonight that shows the most dangerous cities. Thankfully there were none in PA, but some of our neighbors have some problems. That includes Philly’s cousin across the river, Camden.

Here’s the top 15:

1. Detroit MI
2. St. Louis MO
3. Flint MI
4. Oakland CA
5. Camden NJ
6. Birmingham AL
7. North Charleston, SC
8. Memphis, TN
9. Richmond, CA
10. Cleveland, OH
11. Orlando, FL
12. Baltimore, MD
13. Little Rock AR
14. Compton, CA
15. Youngstown, OH

On a brighter note they listed the top 12 Safest States too. I think the key to some of them making the list is that no one lives there…

1. North Dakota
2. Vermont
3. Maine
4. New Hampshire
5. Wyoming
6. South Dakota
7. Montana
8. Iowa
9. Wisconsin
10. West Virginia
11. Connecticut
12. Idaho


  1. ha, that’s pretty funny-“the key to making the list is that nobody lives there”

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